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Thank you for posting this. I've been long hoping to hear something new about SA album 2. Although the music video sort of lost me at the point with the floating rocks. Song sounds good nonetheless.
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September 21, 2012 on Sun Airway – “Close” Video
Sister is my favorite. When performed live (at least the times I've seen then), Kim pulls out a trumpet during the instrumental section of Pacific Coast Highway. Yeah, that'll do it.
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September 6, 2012 on Sonic Youth Albums From Worst To Best
"Day Dream Nation" wut a laff
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September 6, 2012 on Sonic Youth Albums From Worst To Best
Before I put this on at work to start my day, I had been reading Denis Johnson's Jesus' Son on the busride down: "The man hanging out of the wrecked car was still alive as I passed, and I stopped, grown a little more used to the idea now of how really badly broken he was, and made sure there was nothing I could do. He was snoring loudly and rudely. His blood bubbled out of his mouth with every breath. He wouldn't be taking any more. I knew that, but he didn't, and therefore I looked down into the great pity of a person's life on this earth. I don't mean that we all end up dead, that's not the great pity. I mean that he couldn't tell me what he was dreaming, and I couldn't tell him what was real." Needless to say, it was a pretty fucked-up morning, one that I would gleefully relive in place of many others...
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August 28, 2012 on Album Of The Week: Swans The Seer
Their Outside Lands set was pretty nuts. They played for two hours, and Neil claimed several of the songs had been written earlier in the day. It felt strange to have them do fifteen minutes of ambient drone but not play Down By The River, nonetheless, this album ought to be pretty solid (as far as ones made by bands my dad listened to when he was a kid).
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August 24, 2012 on Neil Young & Crazy Horse Psychedelic Pill Details
Really great fest despite the oppressive dampness of Golden Gate Park at night... Some (unexpected) highlight performances included Reggie Watts, Antibalas, Thee Oh Sees. I opted for Metallica, which was more than worth it, but there was a strong consensus among everyone I've talked with that Sigur Ros, who closed out that same night on the second stage, had the best set of the weekend. Also of note: Skrillex was not very loud. After reading all the hype about his live performance here and elsewhere I thought I'd give it a shot, but was generally disappointed. C'est la vie.
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August 13, 2012 on Outside Lands 2012 In Photos
Did you skip Tame Impala on purpose or were you passed out in the porta-potty?
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August 4, 2012 on Lollapalooza 2012: M83, Passion Pit, Black Sabbath, & More
The first time I heard Sonic Youth was the track "In the Mind of the Bourgeois Reader" from Experimental Jet Set, Trash, and No Star. It was on the soundtrack for some skateboarding video game (non-Tony Hawk) that I rented for Playstation back when i was in middle school. After being blown away by it's incessant beat and freaking weirded-out guitars I turned to Kazaa to download a few more songs. A majority of these randomly chosen tracks, turned out to be from Dirty, so when I next went to Tower Records, I picked up the disc, ending my run of having bought three consecutive Smashing Pumpkins albums (and yes, the Simpsons episode was amazing). So began a streak of buying in order thereafter: Daydream, Sister, Goo, and Murray Street (their most recent at the time), probably over the course of half a year. Being a no-job 12 year old doesn't leave you with a lot of spare cash to throw around so this was definitely something of a commitment. Sometime during the summer of this period, it was announced that SY would be playing a free show (with admission, which there is none for minors) at the Del Mar Racetrack in San Diego as part of their 4 O'Clock Fridays concert series. The show was incredible. I didn't really expect them to play the extended noise sections of songs like, for example, Karen Revisited, but they certainly did and my dad who drove me and a few friends to the show ended up sitting far, far in the back. I can't recall the whole setlist, but they definitely played Drunk Butterfly, which was pretty hilarious to see Kim spinning around in circles while waving her arms about. I've subsequently seen them 5 more times in a number of settings, and I concur with the commenter above who says they basically nail it every time. Unfortunately the lowlight of seeing them came during the tour where they were playing Daydream Nation in its entirety, but maybe I was just in a spot where the sound was off or too stoned or or something like that. =P Top 5 SY songs in no order: Rain On Tin The Wonder Hey Joni Schizophrenia JC Favorite Overall Album: Sister (released the year of my birth, incidentally) Best Show: House of Blues San Diego, 2005. This was the only show where I've seen them do two encores, the second being Expressway to Yr Skull with Lee staying onstage for 10 minutes by himself doing very strange things to his guitar. Also, in general, the brief period of time with Jim O'Rourke in the band was just awesome to see live. It was a bummer to think I'd never see Rain on Tin or Stones or Radical Adults Lick Godhead Style again until it came to be, shit, I may never see anything from them again! This show also had Comets On Fire opening, playing the bulk of Blue Cathedral, which was incredible in its own right. Good article, cheers.
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July 20, 2012 on Dirty Turns 20