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Has this ever been replicated? People have pointed me towards Massive Attack and trip-hop, but that’s not what I’m looking for. Zero 7 and Air is elevator music. FKA Twigs is good, but well… any more of that sexy-self-loathing-fragile-feminine-noir-soul music?

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Gang Gang Dance does not have a useless member! The guy on the front left serves a purpose by holding up an exotic oriential drum piece so someone else can play it.

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alright, I’ll do that: listen to some older stuff first. thanks

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Nah, that’s not what I meant.To say something is ‘good if it’s good’ defeats the point of written reviews, doesn’t it. If that would be the case you could just say: ‘this shit is good: listen to it.’ Yet music reviews exist.

With Destroyer I just want to know what I’m missing, seeing as everyone seems to like it very much. hell it wouldn’t be the first time a review, or maybe your comment, totally changed my view on a record.

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Can somebody explain Destroyer to me? God knows I’ve listened to that album alot, it does nothing for me.

I feel like alot of albums with huge acclaim are juxtaposed somehow against music from decades ago (Girls, PJ Harvey, Destroyers and I guess Fleet Foxes too.) And while I love that little 90ies revival thing with this year (Yuck, Pains (…) Heart, Araabmuzik) I just don’t get it when bands build on music from the 80ies or before.

Is, is that what’s going on?

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I rebel against the system, and choose an unnominated song: Shuffle by Bombay Bicycle Club!
Confetti, everywhere!

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I hope their next album will be like that future islands remix with victoria legrand. Still dreamy, more direction. I think this is like that