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 +5Posted on Dec 19th | re: Stream Miguel's New Surprise EP (15 comments)

Now c’mon Frank, finish the trifecta.

Yeah, I think Jonny already established that this isn’t really a Radiohead song. It is quite nice though for underscoring her narration.

311 – Stereolithic

(But seriously probably Thom Yorke – Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes, if only for providing us with ‘The Mother Lode’)

 0Posted on Dec 8th | re: Grizzly Bear's Chris Taylor Wrote A Cookbook (3 comments)

When cooking alligator on a neck or a spit be sure to let grill for two weeks while you wait for the others to arrive with party snacks.

 +1Posted on Nov 29th | re: Frank Ocean Teases New Song "Memrise" (5 comments)

Well said.

I also love the structure of the lyrics:

He ends the first stanza with ‘I could fuck you all night long, From a memory alone’
But because he has set up a disjointed rhythm as part of the melodic phrasing he separates ‘From a memory’ and ‘alone’.

Without the disjointedness it would mean ‘From [just] my memory’, but because of the pause (anticipated at the very start of the stanza!) it means ‘From my memory, [while I'm alone]‘. And because of the gap he sounds hesitant and disappointed saying it, yet without disturbing the musical phrasing he’s set up.

Much clever.
So excite.
Very Ocean.


 +14Posted on Nov 19th | re: Interpol Have Been Trapped In A Buffalo Snowstorm For 40 Hours (36 comments)

They should have gone somewhere warmer, yeah maybe to the beach.

 +4Posted on Sep 26th | re: Thom Yorke Tomorrow's Modern Boxes Comment Party (101 comments)

‘The Mother Lode’ inspired me to comment at 3am. It is genuinely one of the most beautiful things Thom has ever written. The vocal melody is tearing itself through me; like the melodies on Separator gave birth to their own world.

 +2Posted on Sep 15th | re: Hozier - "Do I Wanna Know?" (Arctic Monkeys Cover) (16 comments)

And some Meltybrains while they’re at it!

 +2Posted on Sep 15th | re: Hozier - "Do I Wanna Know?" (Arctic Monkeys Cover) (16 comments)

The week I complain about Stereogum not featuring enough Irish artists sees posts about U2, Damien Rice, Princess and Hozier. Apologies Stereogum, you have shown me the door. :D