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The White Album

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looking for some saction

really?! fine.

Sure they don’t sound alike anymore, but they definitely used White’s sound as a springboard to achieve a certain level of success; that’s the dirty part of it. It’s kind of a “fake it til you make it” situation. I definitely think Dan Auerbach has immense talent for sure (I love that Dr. John record to death!) but fair is fair.

They needed to transpose that song in a better key to suit her voice so she could really wail in that chorus. Something tells me she would agree with me, probably my ego fantasy :p

Hey man, this is no place for sobering reality, this is the internet!! All joking aside, this essay is pretty amazing. I’d argue that trying to recapture the consequence/responsibility-free, inhibition-less feeling of childhood is why a lot of people like to get drunk every weekend. It’s all about recreating the reckless abandon of youth, a reaction to the confines of the work-week. That being said, I can’t picture a day that i’ll stop eating boxed mac n’ cheese! But then again I’m still technically in my 20s and don’t care about my health..

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what a great comment section, I was glad to find out i wasn’t the only one who tears up in that epic build-up. I love the song so much, but I don’t listen to it very often because the “feel” is so intense!

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I’ll preface this story saying that I had no cable TV growing up.

did anyone else discover this band via the Buddy Holly video on the Windows 95 CD-ROM? cuz I did. Until I looked them up online on my 28K dial-up internet, I actually BELIEVED the video. I had watched several episodes of Happy Days on afternoon syndication and thought it was an episode I hadn’t seen! I asked my dad about it and thought no because of how modern the guitar tones sounded. It wasn’t until they performed ‘Hash Pipe’ and ‘Island in the Sun’ on SNL that I saw them for the first time (albeit without Sharp). I immediately asked my parents for new glasses, Rivers-style black rimmed. I’ll take credit for being the first person in middle school for having them, lol The Blue Album turned me from a guitarist into a songwriter, still one of my favorite albums of all time.

First Death Grips, now Daft Punk. Why are entertainers fucking with us like this? In an over-saturated landscape of “indie” artists all competing for an audience, is this what passes for promotion these days?

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The O.C.? Don’t call it that.