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hmm….well alright then

I went into this wanting to hate it, as Pet Sounds is very near and dear to me. But I actually kinda liked it, beautiful visuals and some good performances. Sure I don’t like some of the singers in it (i just don’t like Lorde’s delivery at all, too slinky/sultry),but i think it kinda worked. I also watched the ‘making of’ video and although it was commissioned by a huge media conglomerate, it seemed like a pretty sincere endeavour (produced by Ethan Johns no doubt!).

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I saw these guys live a couple nights ago, clearly something special is happening here…great performance

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yeah but…Island in the Sun?

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The White Album

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looking for some saction

really?! fine.

Sure they don’t sound alike anymore, but they definitely used White’s sound as a springboard to achieve a certain level of success; that’s the dirty part of it. It’s kind of a “fake it til you make it” situation. I definitely think Dan Auerbach has immense talent for sure (I love that Dr. John record to death!) but fair is fair.

They needed to transpose that song in a better key to suit her voice so she could really wail in that chorus. Something tells me she would agree with me, probably my ego fantasy :p

Hey man, this is no place for sobering reality, this is the internet!! All joking aside, this essay is pretty amazing. I’d argue that trying to recapture the consequence/responsibility-free, inhibition-less feeling of childhood is why a lot of people like to get drunk every weekend. It’s all about recreating the reckless abandon of youth, a reaction to the confines of the work-week. That being said, I can’t picture a day that i’ll stop eating boxed mac n’ cheese! But then again I’m still technically in my 20s and don’t care about my health..