First Death Grips, now Daft Punk. Why are entertainers fucking with us like this? In an over-saturated landscape of “indie” artists all competing for an audience, is this what passes for promotion these days?

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The O.C.? Don’t call it that.

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agree, except it should be MySpace not Facebook. haha remember MySpace?! where everyone had Donnie Darko and Fight Club in their favorite movies? Radiohead and Death Cab in their favorite bands? Chuck Klosterman shit in their favorite books? good times?

the problem with these “Deconstructing” articles is they discuss a hot button issue that’s a few days (even hours!) old and rush to form a judgement/perspective. I’m assuming this one was rushed in particular due to the numerous spelling/grammar errors.

no you didn’t

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Lip-synching to a recording of your own song for six hours is ART.

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it’s cuz they’re being propped up too fast. These guys, while having some genuine talent, are 90% aesthetic, cool clothes, wacky personality, MGMT-hacking (yes, I went there), bunch of cute indie darlings. aww aren’t they cute, they write pretty songs but argue all the time! I do like a few tunes I’ve heard, but it’s all too much.

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Sometimes downvote rage breeds great artistic vision. props to you, adddo!

this is all true. but i think the real question is, should youtube be making artistic judgements like it did?

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that was a little tantrum-y, it just boils down to this. People get really offended when they get told what to do, but it’s all about respect for the artist. A lot of great stand-up comedians have to deal with this too. If Yeah Yeah Yeahs wants me to put my phone away for couple hours, fine, no big deal.