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i agree, this song is cool and catchy sounding..but also reeks too much of “I Saw the Light” by Todd Rundgren. And to see him jump around and celebrate his ego while singing his borderline-plagiarist “hit song” really rubs me the wrong way.

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seriously though, bobby b, rich dicks, “oh hello”, and ref jeff are my favs. Also, the way Nash Ricky walks is one of the funniest images on the show.

yeah, not sure how I felt about that statement. The majority of the artists I listen to are male. It’s probably because of a lot of reasons:
1. male artists get more exposure than female artists (which is a problem)
2. being a male I relate to other males, pretty simple. I can’t help that i guess.
3. I like the particular timbre of male voices more than female voices. So are my ears sexist? maybe so. the male voice typically has a range more favorable to my ears. (again, typically)

I will say that women in music are held to a higher standard than men and drilled with undeserving criticism. “I bet she doesn’t write her own songs/the dudes in the band are responsible for writing the music” being a big one. That being said, I wouldn’t like Chumped even if it had a male singer.

ok that was snarky but what i’m trying to say is I don’t listen to artists JUST because they are male, nor do I dismiss an artist JUST because she’s female.

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“Break the Rules” the song and the outfit/dance moves with it seem like something conceived by someone who’s operating with an encyclopedia definition of “rock” and has maybe heard a couple rock songs and saw a couple rock videos.

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Charli XCX featuring baby Haim!

warning! pop cynic opinion –

She seems to be very popular (on stereogum as well), but this was not a great performance, right?
Also, “i don’t wanna go to school, i just wanna break the rules”? I dunno, i just don’t get it. that’s just my old man opinion i guess (i’m 27)

Venus in Furs

say what you will about FIOE, but this song is top five strokes for me

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coincidentally, the artist emulated here, james brown also had a history of assaulting women with one rape accusation that never made it to court.

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a huge James Brown copy…but is that really ever a bad thing?

strip away the glitter and googly eyes, and you have pretty much a standard, underwhelming cover with a slightly horrendous bridge. I’ve never been huge into flaming lips, kinda have always felt like i should dig them but i was definitely expecting more for this. The flaming lips (mainly Wayne, i guess) have always been praised for their big imagination on stage and in the studio, but i see none of that here. I would’ve been more pleased if they completely destroyed the song and turned it inside out, but this was pretty tame and by-the-numbers. A lot of frosting with no cake.