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Never had any interest in buying a MM album. Never even crossed my mind. Never liked the singles, the persona and visuals, and at that age all the kids I thought were dumb liked it, so that cemented it that I didnt ever want to be a fan. Still not interested to go back and listen either. Am I wrong in this? Does it really stand up as a classic and well-constructed album, or is it just a product of it’s time without a timeless appeal?

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Make Believe ruled. 4th best Weez album. Pinker>Blue>Maladroit>Make Believe>Green>Red>Rad>Hurley

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YES on Cloud Nothings.

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THIS many times. Dude is a total hypochondriac, not to mention a magnet for accidents – getting tackled, that dog bite. Not to mention stuff like holding up his own book deal and going on rants about KFC or whatever… It’s almost like the washed-up celebrities that do outrageous shit just to get more photos is US Weekly. It’s been looking pathetic for quite a while now how he plays up little stuff and overreacts. Boy who cried wolf, even if he is actually sick this time.

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Is Jenny and Johnny still a thing? I’ve liked that better than 75% of her solo output. This song is good though.

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Anyone else think Patrick Carney is a pretty mediocre drummer? I mean, he’s fine, but he’s about on the level of Meg White for me – does the job and the music doesn’t call for complicated stuff, but it just looks like he has to think really hard about every single hit. Being up front doesn’t help. I stare at him more than I normally would (even as a drummer) and I think he’s pretty boring.

I will not move on from this band, but Wayne is totally fucked up in the head. Dude’s done every drug know to man and I’m pretty sure he’s never NOT on something. That said, all the hallucinogens they’ve done may have contributed to some of their best music…

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“SLAVE” is so awesome.

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Meant to post this in the Maladroit love thread… oops.