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aw man, i was just about to go to throw Oshin in my ‘phones and hit up Panda Express… what a lousy start to my day

glad the embed has an explicit language warning – saved me some serious and unexpected harm.

Tough Love, by Forth Wanderers. The magic of NJ DIY and Bandcamp!

who needs to get off so the Gum shuts up about this? that’s what i’m more concerned about.

MM has a new release coming up, something I didn’t know until this video was making the rounds. but lemme get this straight: you think someone is going out of their way to leak an edited, polished video to somehow chip away at MM’s *sparkling* reputation and cut into his album sales or something? seems much simpler and more sensible than the idea that, well, it’s a marketing tactic in line with MM’s shock-value dependent career…

American Music Awards – i’m not really feeling the “american” or “music” bit of this thing, but i’m happy they get awards. i get the odd award every now and again, and it feels nice. i’m sure they feel similar.

 +2Posted on Nov 16th | re: Mac DeMarco Detained By Police During UCSB Concert (16 comments)

it’s much more about his persona – he can handle a crowd like no other. saw him at a coffee shop packed to the gills, and students were almost moshing in the crowded space. also saw his set at a mid-size European festival, and even though the kids there didn’t know his stuff, they got into it super fast. so it’s about his showmanship and the fact that they turn the volume up louder than you might listen to in ‘phones.

 +2Posted on Nov 16th | re: Mac DeMarco Detained By Police During UCSB Concert (16 comments)

“but his antics never seemed like the sort of thing that would lead to a run-in with the law” – except for occasional indecent exposure, yeah, sure.

*Meredith Graves

most of the tabs i’ve glanced at there have significant errors, though they often get the tunings right. saves a bit of time, but you’re best off playing by ear after you’ve figured out the tuning.