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One dude being an asshole isn’t a “feud”… its just a asshole being an asshole

 -5Posted on Nov 6th | re: Miles Davis Albums From Worst To Best (115 comments)

If picking ‘Kind of Blue’ #1 is cool, then you guys look like you just pissed your pants…

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Royal Blood no doubt

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Portugal’s brother?

 +4Posted on Aug 12th | re: Stereogum's 14 Favorite Sets At Outside Lands 2014 (13 comments)

Thank you for not saying “The Best Sets of Outside Lands 2014″!! I seriously hate when publications do that and then I look at the list and it is completely absent of my favorite shows of the festival. Best vs. Favorite is a pet peeve of mine when it comes to music because “best” is such a subjective thing that doesn’t related to music. End of rant… just, thank you.

Long Live Leonard!

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I swear I see Adam Rasmussen (Synth) and Shane McKillop (bass) of Gardens & Villa in this video

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Is that the same artist who did the cover of Wye Oak – Shriek?

I’m wet