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I’m obviously late but would like to add a bit just because…

When you say that Hip-Hop is just looping beats and samples and that is all kanye/hip-hop artists do is extremely untrue and just overlooking the art that is music making/producing.

Kanye over almost any Hip-Hop artist is on his “god” level, so to speak, because he doesnt just take a sample and loop it- the instrumentation on his albums is fucking incredible! now it may not be kanye himself shredding up a guitar and playing sweet-sweet violins and horn sections- but the dude is def a wizard on the keys/synths/etc… and wouldnt have a single lick played on his album that he didnt craft at least the idea of, whether it was based on an existing riff or not, his albums and hundreds of other hi-hop albums incorporate more instrumentation than some full band recordings… just sayin- Kanye is good, really good, whatever he says/does in the public eye can make him look like this, or that, but he’s still really, really good. One of the best IMO.

I think about if

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YES. very conflicted and agree with your comment 100% Right after i heard twisted fantasy through it felt amazing, like the best shit ever, head fucked and mind blown, but with yeezus I just wanted it to be over so I could go eat.

Kanye is my favorite rap artist by far but yeezus is missing the kanye magic im used to getting.

I like 5 out of the 10 tracks. Opens great then goes to sleep for me only to conclude on a pretty good Bound 2.

oh yeezus.

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Death Grips rules- The Money Store is a much more compelling listen than Yeezus, in my opinion, just grabs my attention more. This is a very droney Kanye here, not saying I hate it, but find all other KW releases to be miles better, minus WTT and Cruel Summer.

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yeah, Samuels here! Where’s Wolf?

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wow, new vampire weekend is actually really lackluster for me, i love the first two albums by them a lot from front to back but I struggled through the whole modern vampires idk….

daft punk is in a good spot and chance the rapper acid rap is really good too-

im just gonna call it now cause im a big fan… but number 1 has got to be reserved for YEEZUS!

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mmm- I havnt felt too good about future DOOM stuff and this makes that feeling more real- the JJ DOOM was good but not up to the standard I feel DOOM has set- seems to spitting way slow in these newer works- lyrics arnt terrible but just doesnt compare to the mmm food stuff or madvillain, you know?

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Can someone post the “best” Radiohead tattoo? just to compare…

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i miss some girls

yeah i mean, i like burnout, monkey riches and applesauce- but i haven’t played this album in months- I agree that they are capable of MUCH MUCH better.