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Yea not mention Grimes believes vegans can eat ice cream whenever they want just because you know, why not? seriously fuck Grimes, Visions is a sweet record sure, but “go” and recently scrapping a brand new album that “sucked” ugh shes wack. All I see is POM POM on the horizon and its looking really killer.

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haha Ariels discography is MASSIVE- and a large portion of his output is fuckin timeless, inspiring and ridiculously catchy. Ray Of Light, Beautiful Stranger… MDNA… Yes she needs a real songwriter like Ariel to give her musical downfall some flavor, some soul seasoning. For real.

Thus band sucks and that whole thing was pretty fuckin stupid… I fuckin hate crowd surfing, it sucks to get crushed by a stranger…. BUT thats the aggressive atmosphere of a punk/metal show, its to be expected, been that way for a loooooooong time.

So yeah, don’t be a bitch about it, play your set and rock out, the crowd will do the same.

Always thought it was funny when At The Drive in would freak out about moshing and crowd surfing and then BUG OUT crazy on stage and expect the crowd to not react and go wild.

I think all these comments about it being over priced are weird. I live in NYC and buy a lot of music from many different shops. The prices aren’t very different form Urban Outfitters to Other Music, Kims, Rough Trade, or Earwax. Like literally maybe 2 dollar differences, and I’ve found titles in Urban I would have never found in the other stores…

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Absolutely terrible, way to go.

UUUUUGHHH That friggin white sound tent, i had to crouch to under that dman thing, Macs set was really great though, all the tracks I wanted to hear!

Yikes, they were my favorite performance at Roo this year, setlist was really great, and I mean I wanted to see intense visuals from their wacky stage shows and got nothing short of that… Bonnaroo could be widely considered a “cliché” music festival… The lips are a psychedelic rock band so maybe you would have had a better time at Frank Oceans set… Def not disappointed.

No disses to Frank, he rules too.

Loved this! BUT,for real tho where is some new Ariel Pink stuff, huh?

It was way to familiar sounding haha, weird to try to freshen up some already released material, Nehru is sweet on this track for sure but I was hoping for something totally new, gotta scope the rest of the release

This is a recycled DOOM beat though?? Def a Special Herbs beat if not on one of DOOMs many projects, am I wrong?