+4Posted on Apr 21st | re: Pixies - "Women Of War" (4 comments)

YUM. prolly will sound even better live with new bass girl doing more backup vox. i love their new songs, old pixies/new pixies, it’s all good.

 +1Posted on Apr 13th | re: Coachella 2014: The 9 Best Things From Saturday (11 comments)

‘new Pixies is awful’ ??…you’re fucking on crack, new shit is shockingly great. i’ll take indie cindy and bagboy over carabou for the 8 billionth time ANY day.

bring matt sharp back ya wankaz

 +1Posted on Apr 1st | re: Watch Julian Casablancas Play "Take It Or Leave It" In Chile (9 comments)

i like the music fine, it’s just the audio level of his mic is way way too low. fuzzy pedal or not.

 0Posted on Mar 12th | re: Watch Julian Casablancas Play New Song "Ego" In Pensacola (14 comments)

fuck…i decided to wait a day to hear/watch this…and the old youtube/music site clip bullshit bites me in the ass, would be NICE if a certain website could at least swap an audio version for the video??

So excited for this…not only for listening for myself but i’m really hoping this catches on so we can finally get money back into the music business. As right now the whole situation has devolved into a sad joke and there’s just no money anywhere except for the top pop stars and the huge touring bands. THIS could total change the game and finally put a real value on music again.

 0Posted on Feb 10th | re: Watch Josh Homme Join Arctic Monkeys In L.A. (2 comments)

very cool, but very not-good audio:( oh well, cawnt have everything ya want now can we?

 -2Posted on Feb 9th | re: Watch Josh Homme Throw An Overexcited QOTSA Fan Offstage (8 comments)

what a let down, thought he was really gonna throw him off like WWE style…though to be fare to mr superfan, it was a pretty boring song and he did liven it up haha, with the ranty 3 min speech he provoked at least.

 -1Posted on Feb 9th | re: Watch Josh Homme Throw An Overexcited QOTSA Fan Offstage (8 comments)

idk broski…Mozzer will get angry, stop the song and then call you ‘stupid’ so…

 +1Posted on Jan 23rd | re: Hear Tegan And Sara's Oreo Jingle (12 comments)

no such a thing as selling out in the 2010s, unLESS you’re an arena rock back or one of the top 15 in album sales.