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POWERFUL…i rank it right behind OK Computer as the 2nd best album of the 90s…most tragic loss in music history, period.

 +1Posted on Jul 12th, 2014 | re: Judas Priest Albums From Worst To Best (36 comments)

I’m REALLY glad Sgum did this. One, for the simple fact that is reminded me to go back and listen to all of their old stuff, which i’ve for some reason never done. Like a lot of people, i really only knew the big 80s albums. I loved those old songs they’d do live, but for some reason never enough to go back and get those albums apparently. Maybe those old ones just weren’t in stock a lot when i was younger, i definitely don’t remember seeing any older ones than Stained Class.

But the 2nd reason is I’m glad they had the sense to ‘out-source’ this one to someone who clearly REALLY knows what he’s doing. Like everyone else, i’m really impressed with the detail, and ranking them just on the strength of songs and whole albums vs hits/sales is definitely the way to go, for all bands. I’m making my Stained Class/Sad Wings cd for my car as we speak, RAWK N ROOOOWL!

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why the hell did the blonde girl have 80s hair if this is spose to be a 90s/’now’ video??? NO ONE had hair like that in the 90s.

I remember when they first came out and were on Conan, i figured they musta been Jack White buddies since their name was such an obvious homage/ripoff, as well as their 2-man drum ‘n guitar minimal sound. Plus, White Stripes-Michigan, Keys-Ohio. BUT clearly i was wrong about that haha, it was 100% ripoff all the way, pitiful. You wanna BORROW a sound and like, add to it? Change it up? Fine. But these direct ripoff acts are just fucking sad.

He’s right, i’ve heard the White Stripes wannabes on commercials too. One of them pretty recently, must be really annoying.

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UMM then where are all the white actors playing black characters? :) check mate.

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i don’t think that was really a ‘response’…just an explanation.

Love her. Could do without the time traveling hipster though:)

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good news is, it’s such a good song, it STILL sounds good…and maybe our lil girl growing up will help spread the word of Morrissey to the kids? I’m guessing Radiohead will be next…just PLEASE not Creep:)

My only St Vincent complaint was that capo on the headstock of her perty white Musicman…it no makey senseY, why, what? is it a full concert and u need that for the next song yer jumping right into? weird. i guess my other ticky tack complaint would be that wacky hair she’s sticking with vs being her normal cute self BUT oh well, you hang out with David Byrne for a minute and what do you expect to happen?