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Wovenhand – “Refractory Obdurate” is tops for me.

Though my close second was “Benji” (which was available on vinyl briefly…thankfully I already nabbed it).

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I don’t care what anyone says…I dig this album. In fact, I dig the first three Bush albums, and kind of like the remix album. I am going to see them play tonight with Royal Blood. It’s okay guys! Music is subjective!

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“Everybody Hurts”.



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I’m surprised by the following not being included – Beck, Ryan Adams, Dawnbringer, Godflesh, The New Pornographers, Pallbearer, and Wovenhand. Otherwise, the list both dovetails and departs from my own about how I expected. (I’m sure the metal wrap-up will clear up a few of those).

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Shellac, at least, is on Spotify. I was under the impression they weren’t until yesterday. I searched for the album title (Dude Incredible) instead of the band name and there it was! For some reason “Shellac” gets buried under a bunch of other artists if you search by band name.

Your snide “last time she made headlines” bullshit reporting fails to point out that her new album is fantastic and totally deserving of coverage.

Well Silas, let me be the first to straight up say that I love Slipknot. I have for years. And I’m not a fanboy trolling Stereogum either. I’m an avid reader who loves many styles of music. As a metal fan in particular I really dig The Black Market feature.

So here goes….

How about actually listening to an album before writing a long rant about its cultural currency and/or lack thereof? How about understanding the arc of their career, or even the recent history of the band (“.5: The Gray Chapter” is named after their late bassist Paul Gray)? They are ostensibly a nu-metal band but musically they have much more to offer then lumping them in entirely with Static-X. They’re a cartoon because they employ theatricality in their image and shows? And The Flaming Lips aren’t (to name just one “cartoonish” band constantly covered here)?

Geez…this was just lazy and incredibly pretentious writing.

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Early – A Hard Day’s Night

Later – Revolver

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My guesses as to Myrkur’s identity:
Emilie Bresson
Kat Katz