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No no, it’s “Down” by Nirvana.

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If we’re gonna dig this deep into the idea, then I guess you can’t really have it either way. To define “best of” in terms of the objective only (# of weeks on the charts, radio play data, other indicators of pop culture significance)… that’s not really a “best of” list to me; that’s a “best-known.” Such a list would probably rank Last Night as the “best” Strokes song, which is ridiculous to me, because I think it’s one of their worst. But, on the contrary, you’re right – an author’s purely subjective list, by definition, isn’t truly a “best of” either. The clunky title you’ve suggested would better describe that type of list, but I don’t think it’s realistic – nor particularly fair – to actually expect Stereogum to do that.

It’s virtually impossible to make these lists and not ruffle a few feathers (my Nirvana list, for the record, would look quite different than Toth’s). Personally, I’d rather not read a list that only panders to pop culture sensibilities – that’s what I consider poor journalism, and it’s why I gave up on Rolling Stone a long time ago. I guess Toth could throw out a bone and give Smells Like Teen Spirit an arbitrary spot on the list, because yeah, it’s impact on music is undeniable… but at the same time that’s kind of a cop-out.

I dunno, man. I just like reading good writing. I don’t necessarily need to agree with the author.

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Haha, that is a bit sad, although 18-year-old me would be pretty psyched on that. If that’s your #1 and it’s a conflict with Haim, go #1, man. But if Haim plays during a lull in the day for you, I would urge you to go see them over, say, getting a burrito and watching one of the tiny-print bands on a small stage.

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Absolutely with you on Aneurysm.

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It seems like every time there’s a best songs or albums list on Stereogum, people immediately claim trolling if the most popular song/album isn’t among the top 3 – not because it’s the “best,” but for pop culture-based reasons. Isn’t that kind of a disingenuous approach for people who consider themselves true music fans to have? Why are we pushing for these lists to play out like an episode of “I Love the 90s?”

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I loved the exclusion. Couldn’t agree more with Toth, and I’m not even trying to be hip. That song, Come As Your Are, and Stay Away are the weakest on the album for me; Drain You, On A Plain, and In Bloom are light years better. I’ve been having this argument with people for a long time now, no troll.

The “10 Best-Known Nirvana Songs” this isn’t.

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Don’t do that. They are an awesome, repeat, *awesome* live band. Awesome enough that you very well may change your mind after seeing them play. I saw them at a smaller festival last year and they stole the show; they were up there with Atoms for Peace as the best sets of the weekend in my book. And like you, I wasn’t really sold on them before that.

Unless there’s something you’re dying to see going on at the same time, check out Haim. Do it for me, underscore.

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Jon Theodore is the Mars Volta guy. The paragon of “balls to the wall.”

And yeah, Dave Grohl. Just listened to Songs for the Deaf a couple of days ago and the drumming just blows your face.

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Well, you did misuse it pretty badly.