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The Teenage Fanclub / De La Soul collaboration is the best song on the album? NO, not even close. “Falling” was one of the most forgettable tracks on there.

The best tracks are the Faith No More / Boo-Ya Tribe one, the Onyx / Biohazard title track, and the Mix-a-lot / Mudhoney track.

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Good point about the drumming. I don’t know what was going on with the drumming in the Black Flag video I saw. “Gimme Gimme Gimme” just sounded….wrong. FLAG sounded ok though.

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I agree with Dave that Rollins ruined the band (not sure I would say the same about Dez though). I’ve talked with many Black Flag fans who feel the same way. The Morris/Reyes/Dez(maybe) years are considered by many to be the best, with Damaged representing the last gasp of the great Black Flag eras (it’s telling that all but one or two songs from Damaged had already existed when Rollins joined, and that the Rollins-penned tunes are by far the worst on the album).

As for the reunions: I agree with the article that FLAG seems the better choice. The videos I’ve seen simply show FLAG putting on a better show. Also, I’m not wild about the new Black Flag songs, and I’m even less happy about Ginn’s bitching about FLAG.

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There was nothing weak or “mailing it in” about the FLAG set, video of which is all over the net. I get that Black Flag was Ginn’s band, but there’s no reason to be slagging off the Morris/Dez Cadena group. Based on this single, and the FLAG video, I’m more excited to see FLAG live than Black Flag (current version).

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I agree with most of the track-by-track breakdowns in the article, with two exceptions: Breath and Dyslesic Heart. These are two of my favorite songs on the soundtrack, and each is better than the other songs by the same artist (i.e. Breath is better than State of Love and Trust, and Dyslexic Heart is better than Waiting For Somebody). I’m surprised to see the article single those two songs out for negative comments.

Oh well…It’s a classic soundtrack, either way. As for the movie: it’s not my favorite or anything, but it’s a charming, enjoying little film anyway. It’s also is much, much better than pretty much any rom-com of the last decade or two. Look at, for example, the films of Katherine Heigel (sp?)….Compared to stuff like that, or movies like Valentine’s Day, New Year’s Eve, etc, Singles looks like a masterpiece.

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I loved Angel Dust when I was a teen, and I still love it now. I always liked it better than The Real Thing, also…it’s just so amazing. Small Victory, Be Aggressive, Everything’s Ruined, and Kindergarten are the highlights, but it’s all terrific….

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Angel Dust was an incredible album. It sounds exactly NOTHING like Red Hot Chili Peppers. Critics used terms like “funk rock” to describe both, but that doesn’t mean there’s any actual similiarity.

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Why do you assume he’s intelligent? From what I’ve observed, he could either be a smart guy pretending to be an idiot, or an idiot. I’m leaning toward the latter. Occam’s razor, and all that…

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I tried downloading all of the tracks, but some downloaded as “flv” files, not mp3s….what gives?

(Otherwise, great article. Many of those bands art awesome)