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 +4Posted at 11:34am | re: It Sure Seems Like Neil Young's Pono Player Is Bullshit (50 comments)

unrelated to Pono (I personally believe good quality studio headphones + iTunes MP3s are as good as any regular consumer can get), but Jack White’s haircut on this ad is atrocious.

I legitimately pray that fatherhood brings Kanye West the peace of soul that he rightfully deserves.

I know I got downvoted for singing the praises of Father John MIDI, but I’m so in love with that album “stream”.

 +2Posted on Jan 27th | re: Sam Smith Is Having A Rough Year (112 comments)


This is actually amazing. Like, better than actual FJM.

with this, todd terje’s output, at Red Bull’s Diggin’ in the Carts documentary series, Stereogum really should’ve had a thinkpiece called “Is 2015 The Year of the Viyda?”

 +6Posted on Jan 27th | re: Sam Smith Is Having A Rough Year (112 comments)

whoa what the fuck


For starters, he was a baby when the photo was taken, and babies haven’t been exactly known to consciously make decisions for themselves, so he really didn’t “do” anything. Meanwhile, James Rettig has actually managed to get paid to blog about indie music and lifestyle, which is an astounding feat since it’s literally the least important thing ever.

 +2Posted on Jan 16th | re: Lightning Bolt Fantasy Empire Details (2 comments)

“and it’s probably save to assume that “Runaway Train” is not a Soul Asylum cover.”

…………………..but what if it is???