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 0Posted on Apr 24th | re: How Microsoft Failed To Buy Sub Pop (4 comments)

what the fuck do you mean “does xbox count as entertainment?” bitch have you played BioShock, Lost Odyssey, motherfuckin the orange box, dark souls II (that shit that burial’s into), beat hazard, arkham asylum, tales of vesperia, fuckin netflix. i mean jesus, tom. jesus.


 +1Posted on Apr 22nd | re: It's Britpop Week On Stereogum (44 comments)

I like the fact that this insinuates that we’ll be having more genre weeks, but English accents make me uncomfortable since I’m so proud to be an American and it reminds me of being tread on, so I’ll take a vacay from the Gum this week.

(really though it’s because I don’t fuck with britpop)

i think the word “exploit” has inherent degrading connotations.

I’m a little blasé about the video, but I’m more off-put by the typical “some of my best friends are black” thing. Shit don’t work.

 +8Posted on Apr 15th | re: Stream Future Honest (13 comments)

“Pluto, the last album from Atlanta sing-rap auteur Future, was one of those albums that absolutely changed the face of rap…”

 +5Posted on Apr 8th | re: Future - "I Won" (Feat. Kanye West) (10 comments)

Well I guess you can’t get anymore career-defining than MBDTF, but whatever, she don’t shit about shit.

 +9Posted on Apr 8th | re: Future - "I Won" (Feat. Kanye West) (10 comments)

I just played this with my friend in the room and she said “Man I can’t wait for Kanye’s divorce album. it’s gonna be career-defining.”

She’s totally right.

Damn, Chris can’t catch a break ’round here.

 +6Posted on Mar 31st | re: Stream Todd Terje It's Album Time (7 comments)

I’m literally sitting in class right now and I’m about to close this window and go the fuck home and play this so loud. Sorry Dr. Haught.

“shoulda stayed at home with the bros”