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Yeah. And apparently MJ’s studio antics were too much for Mercury, so he called it quits on the project.

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posted this on my Facebook and it got a ton of likes so obviously it’s relevant to america and the world at large:

For everyone talking about how badly U2 sucks how you feel assaulted because there’s an album in your iTunes library you didn’t ask for, remember that U2 has been a band for 38 years and didn’t actually start sucking until they had already made NINE records that didn’t suck, and FOUR of those nine being really great. So yeah.

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Beyonce’s album wasn’t tied to any corporate brand. And were you not there for all the shit Jay got for that Samsung deal?

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Heh, I was 13 when I heard this album, and it’s what turned me into a music snob. It took about another seven years for me to realize I was an asshole.

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It’s better.

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“Famously crafted in the aftermath of multiple deaths in band members’ families, Funeral is the sound of desperately finite people channeling infinite sadness, mustering every last ounce of passion and earnestly blasting it to the far reaches of the universe. Whatever you’re dealing with, this music will sweep you up and carry you away with it. Somehow, it converts that pain and confusion into reverie.”

Fuck, man.

Meghan Trainor looks like every white girl in your psych 1010 class, which sort of has its own appeal to it, I guess.


Good job.

If you couldn’t tell that Ariel Pink is an asshole from listening to his music, then you weren’t listening close enough. Round and Round is still great though, and all of you need to stop posturing on the Internet like you’re not going to listen to his new album. Everyone is way too quick to condemn some artists for their gross behavior and and excuse others with no thought behind it at all. Ariel Pink says some stupid shit, CeeLo says some stupid shit, the dude from Say Anything says some stupid shit, and everyone is absolutely outraged. However, R. Kelly actually does despicable things and he gets to headline festivals. MJ was a goddamn pedophile and he’s basically the most respected musician of all time. Imagine that John Lennon didn’t hit women. I guess we aren’t retroactively applying current social beliefs on icons from the past.

How are we deciding whose career gets the bigger stain on it?