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So Prince kills it on SNL last night and your biggest take away is a Taylor Swift commercial spoof?

Why do I read this again?

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Let me give you an idea of where I’m coming from, then. The Doobie Brothers and I are about the same age. Not the band members. The Doobie Brothers, the band itself, was born the same year I was and this means that I am in no way conflicted or in a weird no-mans land: On one hand, I do not feel as if I’ve grown up alongside the band, being born in 1970 means I DON’T have the same experiential context for ANY of their albums in fact I barely knew of their existence aside from the occasional air guitar of “China Grove” as I clicked through the classic rock station. Twenty-three IS a lot different in human years than Rock Band years and anyone who thinks they are the same is extremely confused and perhaps a bit mad. As a person (and I can’t believe I am actually having to explain this), twenty-three means you’re listless, drifting about as you decide what to do with your life. (Actually, I was at my first real job after college working my ass off, let’s just say I was drifting in the right direction.) as for the Doobie Brothers at twenty-three? I had no clue, maybe they were survivors or veterans at a different crossroads: their members were OLD, and I had no idea whether they questioned what they’re going to do or what they have done with their lives. I WAS BUSY LISTENING TO PEARL JAM’S 10!

Now the fact that you can have a list that doesn’t include a single song from that album is not daring or controversial, it shows a complete lack of understanding of the subject you are writing about. It’s like the Beatles without “Love Me Do”, U2 without “I Will Follow”, or Radiohead without “Creep” (ok, probably reaching a bit on that last one…). You get the point.

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The fact that Dark Side of the Moon holds the record for the longest stay on the Billboard charts demands that it is in the top 5 all time.

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Or Adam Sandler

That is exactly what everyone wants you to think….

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No, but neither has Stevie either.

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All Bruno Mars needed was Jerome Benton and a big a$$ mirror.

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Bon Iver killed it on SNL tonight. the Grammy’s made a bad decision and should have let them play “their” music. Way to go SNL, loved it!

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Why does it have to be 10 years? U2′s Actung Baby came out 11 years after Boy and it redefined the band and the decade.

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She dances like Elaine Benes at the beginning of the song.