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 +5Posted on Sep 21st, 2012 | re: Check Out James Franco's New Band, Daddy (13 comments)

This is wrinkling my brain right now….

 +4Posted on Sep 20th, 2012 | re: The 10 Best Pixies Songs (146 comments)

Having “Tame” at no.1 just fits. Whenever I think of the Pixies I think of a few things. I think of Kim Deal, soft and soothing verses with bombarding choruses, and flat out chaos. With “Tame,” you get all of that. Francis is loud and disruptive, literally wetting the mic with excess spit coming from his yelling; Kim throws in a bouncy bass line and cute “ah hah hah’s” during the breakdown; the chorus makes you want to trash your room; and the opening line “hips like Cinderella” makes me want to pick up a pen and write. I have trouble with lists because of their subjective matter, but this one made my day.

 +2Posted on Sep 16th, 2012 | re: Pavement Albums From Worst To Best (68 comments)

“Watery, Domestic” is in essence the closest you can ever get to a flawless Pavement record. All four songs are distinguishable in their own right, and each track gives you their full attention. Whether it’s the blaring intro to “Texas Never Whispers” that initially catches you off-guard, or the swooning chorus to “Frontwards,” there are details in this record that you won’t find in any other Pavement piece. Malkmus’ lyrics really start to shape here as well (“Somebody painted over paint painted wood”). What’s also pretty interesting is that this is the last record to feature Gary Young, and the first one to feature Bob Nastanovich and Mark Ibold. If anything, it’s a record that really stands out on the Pavement timeline, and probably a record that wouldn’t be nearly the same if the circumstances were different.