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As far as the indie jam for the summer, Senator by Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks

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I think that the cover is pretty good take a few things, keep in mind certain people’s expression of suffering through voice are very different, rivers didnt sound like thom suffering, he sounded like rivers suffering, which if you think back to pinkerton, can be pretty powerful

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That is true, the overall all effect of tomboy is much stronger

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I am a huge AnCo fan, and i really dug Down There by Avey Tare (so what wanna fight?). What I really dig about these solo records is the classic AnCo sound with the intimacy of a solo sound. Ya know? Like it’s got the fun weird experimental music sound with this sense of solitude, which is good sometimes. Go outside at night and listen to tomboy and down there, maybe by some water just by yourself. You’ll thank me later.

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I wanna dislike but like this at the same time, thats halrious

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Yo, what about Fucked Up’s fake band compilation, that totally fits the bill as “interesting” also bizzare and wtf worthy

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Good to see Wu Lyf still exist, I was worried for a second there.

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Always awesome

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That is a perfect statement