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 0Posted on Dec 22nd, 2013 | re: Jimi Goodwin - "Oh! Whiskey" (3 comments)

This is gonna be epic. Can’t wait for March. Too long since we’ve been graced with brilliance like this.

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 0Posted on Aug 22nd, 2013 | re: The 10 Best Soundgarden Songs (83 comments)

Nice article, and yes, a very difficult exercise. The following easily could have made the top ten: Tighter & Tigher, Drawing Flies, 4th of July, Taree, My Wave, Slaves & Bulldozers, etc. Oh, and that one other long, weird song towards the end of Down On The Upside…I’m going to have to run and check the name because it’s going to drive me insane…Overfloater!

 +1Posted on Jun 29th, 2012 | re: Singles Soundtrack Turns 20 (64 comments)

Killer soundtrack. Would. State of Love and Trust. Nearly Lost You. Seasons. Chloe Dancer. Drown. That’s a whole lot of first-rate songs. This is when rock music was good.