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The Weeknd filled multiple arenas in the NYC area recently and I'm guess Florence will do the same when comes back to the East coast so....both seem to be able to do so in my eyes.
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November 17, 2015 on Hangout Festival 2016 Lineup
Makes 100% sense to me. As someone who is 31, I still maintain a fairly rigid concert schedule but 95% of my peers have simply aged out of these things. In your 30's you tend to make a little more money than when you were fresh out of college thus why you will pay to be comfortable. Additionally, MOST people in that age range don't find standing around in a balls-hot environment next to drunk/Molly-tripping teenagers to be all that fun. I can't wait for these think-pieces in 15-20 years when commenters are yearning for "glory years" of The Weeknd, Sam Smith, Major Lazer and Disclosure.
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August 3, 2015 on Generation X Ages Out Of Lollapalooza
Great for Dave doing this from the throne. That said, Foo Fighters setlists are stale as shit though give them points for busting out "Alone & Easy Target" along with "Generator". Finally, "Monkeywrench" packs a punch because it's tight and lean. Why oh why do they need to extend it to 8 minutes doing that stupid breakdown every time now?
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July 6, 2015 on Watch Dave Grohl Play Foo Fighters’ 20th Anniversary Blowout From A Giant Motorized Throne
Billy Corgan comes to mind. Also that Sun Kill Moon guy (don't care to remember his name).
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June 24, 2015 on Best Coast’s Bethany Cosentino Shares Note To Fans About Why She Seems So “Serious” Onstage These Days
That's some stupid old media thinking. No point in any of these rolling release dates any more. Once an album is out it's OUT. Hope they enjoy losing potential sales in North America/Europe to early downloads.
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June 22, 2015 on Carly Rae Jepsen – “Run Away With Me” & “Your Type”
They are all pretty much the same. People don't want to visit 3 or 4 different streaming platforms to get all their content so whoever has the largest catalog and the rights to the biggest artists will probably win in the end.
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June 10, 2015 on Ben Gibbard Isn’t That Excited About Apple Music Either
Lana Del Rey's set sucked and it wasn't just due to the lack of volume. Those vocals sounded a bit TOO perfect which leads me to believe they weren't entirely live. I saw her a few years ago at Irving Plaza and that was fairly dismal too which leads me to believe that she just isn't a good live performer.
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June 8, 2015 on Lana Del Rey
Is Mary J Blige big enough to headline a festival?
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June 4, 2015 on Made In America Festival Coming To NYC, Not Returning To L.A.
The War On Drugs??? Nah bra, even though I enjoy their last 2 records from time to time. Also, The Killers will have a phenomenal greatest hits set in 1-2 records.
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May 18, 2015 on Brandon Flowers Says The Killers Are The Best Band From The Last 15 Years
Clueless soundtrack had this song by a minor blip on the alternative nation scene in 1995, "Fake Plastic Trees" by Radiohead. I believe that same band once played the MTV Beach House.
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March 3, 2015 on Clueless, Boogie Nights, & Other Classic Soundtracks Coming To Vinyl For The First Time
Modern Guilt over Midnite Vultures?!?!?! Homeboy, you are TRIPPIN!
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February 19, 2015 on Beck Albums From Worst To Best
Wouldn't really lump Candlebox in with them. They were basically a classic rock band that just put on some flannel to appear to be more "alternative" (similar to Collective Soul). There were some solid tunes on that debut album too.
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February 19, 2015 on You Can Fund Ugly Kid Joe’s 1st Album In 19 Years By Buying Handwritten “Everything About You” Lyrics For $229
For anyone who works in the business, do the promoters pay for all this stuff (hotel room, food, booze, etc.) on top of the guarantee the artist gets OR does that come out of the guarantee?
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February 11, 2015 on 10 Tour Riders Crazier Than Jack White’s
Another classic case of lazy journalism. Silverchair's Diorama stands as a great record years later and was LIGHT years different from their grunge-in-pajamas debut.
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February 9, 2015 on Silverchair Frontman Daniel Johns Is Making Sultry Soul-Pop Now
I imagine the price depends on the area. Jack recently played MSG and no way any promoter can book someone at that venue for under $150-200k. Oklahoma/college prices are probably a little cheaper due to their being less overhead in terms of venue rental.
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February 6, 2015 on Jack White’s Agency Blacklists University Of Oklahoma After School Paper Publishes His Ridiculous Rider
I mean, no way Puddle of Mudd would headline over kid Rock.
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January 29, 2015 on Limp Bizkit Guitarist Is Dreading Next Week’s Nü-Metal Cruise
Apparently not. Though they are far more interesting, left-of-center, indie-leaning than the likes of War On Drugs, FKA Twigs, Father John Misty and what not, because they once toured on the Vans Warped Tour and were associated with those types of acts, sites like Stereogum continue to ignore them.
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January 27, 2015 on Coachella Announces 2015 Sideshows
What are you talkin about man? Cherry Poppin Daddies are coming back any day now.
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January 16, 2015 on The Week In Pop: Where Do Rock Music And Pop Radio Intersect In 2015?
Great article Chris and an interesting question that keeps popping up. Love him or hate him, Pete Wentz had a quote that stuck with me recently. I'm paraphrasing a bit but it was something along the lines of "the problem with modern rock is that it doesn't sound very modern any more" and I think he has a point. For bands that want to stick with the age old guitar-bass-drums formula, all the power to 'em, but I don't think most people find it that interesting anymore save for us purists who still cherish that sound (I'm one of them). That being said, as I've entered my 30's, it becomes harder and harder every year for meat-and-potatoes rock bands to truly interest me. Maybe that's why Fall Out Boy still continues to synch into my subconscious because they blend non-rock (albeit obvious non-rock) elements into their music. Another issue that I think many Stereogum commenters have with "The Week In Pop" probably stems from the fact that this site started out as an "indie blog" (whatever that means). For some jaded commenters, they probably feel annoyed that the mainstream is creeping onto their turf which used to be one of the few places they could go to read interesting think pieces on Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and the sort (which, btw, is the only time I ever use interesting and Clap Your Hands Say Yeah in the same sentence). That's a totally fair stance albeit a bit tired one. I'm actually really happy with this column as it allows me to pay attention to music I miss since I don't drive a car, really only hang out in bars that play non-Top 40 (lower Manhattan, Brooklyn) and don't associate with many Top 40 fans. Finally, one last take away from the comments on this column. As much as Stereogum readers might trumpet the works of St. Vincent, The War On Drugs, Sun Kill Moon and similar artists, they just aren't what MOST people prefer to listen to and that will likely never change.
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January 16, 2015 on The Week In Pop: Where Do Rock Music And Pop Radio Intersect In 2015?
Also, who in their right mind is ever exicted for DIIV? Like, do people wake up thinking "MAN, I'm just DYING for some new DIIV today!" Also, Sky fucking Ferreira before Adele, Tool, Modest Mouse, James Black, My Morning Jacket ?!?!? Ain't NOBODY got time for that, son.
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December 22, 2014 on The 101 Most Anticipated Albums Of 2015