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“and that’s the thing that annoys me. I like those bands that it’s coming from, all those bands I just named I will listen to their album, but the stuff that rips them off just makes me bored.”

Key quote that is missing. Shinoda is obviously a fan of these bands and a wide variety of music. I think it’s more of the fact that we are in a soft rock resurgence that bothers him.

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Ah, see, I find Boys for Pele to be a slog to get through a lot of the time. On the other hand, I find Scarlet’s Walk to be a really pleasant listen and don’t understand why more folks don’t enjoy it.

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For any hardcore Tori Amos fans, how do you rank the albums (worst to best)?

I think it was more funny to me because it showcased the early 00′s “hip” crowd now being out of touch with what some of the ACTUAL youth liked. This isn’t a slight to you personally but it’s funny how having hip NYC/SPIN tunnel goggles can make it hard to differentiate between blog chatter about what kids should be listening to vs. what kids are ACTUALLY listening to. In that regard, I’d place Third Eye Blind as more influential to kids age 15-25 these days vs. The Strokes any day.

Hey, remember when you were totally confused about why all those young kids liked Third Eye Blind? That was funny.

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Interpol, Jack White, TV On The Radio not on the list yet fucking Grimes is? Whack.

Also I know it’s not popular Stereogum opinion because these bands are basically just, well, pop bands but I though The 1975, Bastille and Foster The People were thoroughly enjoyable. AlunaGeorge also played a great set on Sunday that picked things up. I did not realize The Kills were that big (they had a huge crowd) though I think that probably had more to do with their competition at the time not being that big either. Vampire Weekend closing was a dependable (though predictable) set and enjoyable. The Strokes…totally phoned in. Exact same set they played in Port Chester.

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When these kids interviewed Slayer, that was great.

I’d enjoy hearing Radiohead’s “Creep” but wouldn’t use a setlist chip on it persay. I do think their most recent tour leaned a bit too heavily on King of Limbs/In Rainbows. I mean, to have the most acclaimed album of the 90′s under your belt and play ONE track from it each night is strange.

The exact opposite problem is that of bands like the Foo Fighters. They have a great catalog but it’s the same stale greatest hits set every night.

Since the show was in LA, pizza must’ve been mediocre at best.