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PS is he still doing the wrestling thing?

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Trying to listen to it open-minded, I like it. As a Smashing Pumpkins song, ehh. I like Billy Corgan’s sweater in that pic.

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Y’all talk about Steve Albini like he’s your uncle’s friend’s cousin.

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I agree. I loved 12 Reasons to Die (plus the vinyl is clear and “blood-spattered”). But Return to the 36 Chambers isn’t even in your top 3?! That is bold.

I thought we stopped giving a shit what Patrick Carney says? Every time he’s in the news the Black Keys’ music is “devalued.”

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same here. just those six piano hits even. but nothing more than when I recognized that secret track as “Lovely Day,” like bizarro James Franco trapped in a space canyon.

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Let’s hope Andre’s acting career hasn’t peaked already….

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undun is definitely more cohesive, and had more actual verses. But the arrangements on this new one are some of the best stuff they’ve ever done. And “Tomorrow?” I love it.

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Why do people feel the need to defend Carney? Every comment I’ve ever heard from him is shit-talking or just something negative. He’s not a great drummer (I’d say the Black Keys’ talent is 90% Auerbach). Why do people even like this guy?

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I think he was going for something a little edgier