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Remember “Temporary Secretary??”

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Watsky – All You Can Do

Is it just me or does that look like Shawshank-era Tim Robbins?

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The show is great though, and yeah he left out a ton of important musicians, but HBO could stretch any one of these episodes into a whole 8-episode miniseries just set in one city. That’s not what it is, though. Dave Grohl just didn’t make it clear enough that he was only focusing on artists that directly influenced him. Not every important musician from that town, ever. That’s a marketing mistake, and the show itself shouldn’t have to suffer for it.

That said, I was really looking forward to the album. Loved Wasting Light ’cause it was kind of a career-capper, they even released a career-spanning documentary around that time. Like what do you do after that, retire? It’s still an ambitious idea and I’m just glad the Foo did it and not U2 or something.

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*ahem* (TVOTR leaked)

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Beastie Boys noticed!

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PS is he still doing the wrestling thing?

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Trying to listen to it open-minded, I like it. As a Smashing Pumpkins song, ehh. I like Billy Corgan’s sweater in that pic.

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Y’all talk about Steve Albini like he’s your uncle’s friend’s cousin.

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I agree. I loved 12 Reasons to Die (plus the vinyl is clear and “blood-spattered”). But Return to the 36 Chambers isn’t even in your top 3?! That is bold.