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The opinion expressed in the article is in my opinion ignorant and offensive (I think the offensive bit is irrelevant but I'll leave it in anyway). Judging someone's comedy is always going to be a subjective thing so saying that the reason Ricky shouldn't host the GG again is because no one found it funny is not a proper justification, it's only why you think he should host them again. Not to mention the fact that this is Ricky's style of stand up comedy on display at the GG, and his stand up gigs often sell out with critical praise. Also, the idea that Ricky is only able to do this because he has "Fuck you money" is ridiculous. Consider how Ricky got his fortune in the first place. Oh yea, it's because of his comedy, which involves doing things the way he wants to. He's been getting money because he's been expressing his opinions and comedy which often involves telling people, tradition and status quo to fuck off. Now he has money to do more of the things he wants, but he's always done the things he wants to do the way he wants to do them. Rick is a comedian and therefore in my opinion an Artist, and I don't think he's taking any artistic advice or orders from anyone because he hasn't had a good reason to do so yet. So please Gabe, give me a reason not to tell you to keep your subjective opinions to yourself and that they do not justify an objective view why someone shouldn't do something. As for the fuck you money, that seems like a lack of fair mindedness and research on your part.
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January 12, 2012 on Ricky Gervais Proves There Is No God By Returning As Golden Globes Host