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This it totally a remix of ‘Americans’.

 -4Posted on Dec 19th, 2013 | re: Trent Reznor, Wayne Coyne Throw Shade At Arcade Fire (57 comments)

I just kind of want a filter on my feed that blocks all ‘The Arcade Fire appear on [...]‘ or ‘[...] toast/diss Reflektor.’ The Arcade Fire got popular, yes – and way to go to them! However, did they have to be so corny about it?

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 0Posted on Mar 1st, 2013 | re: Akron/Family - "Until The Morning" (6 comments)

I am completely excited for the drawn-out psychedelia often featured on each fo their seven albums to be showcased on Sub-verses. I guess that just because I like Akron/Family though.

 -3Posted on Feb 8th, 2013 | re: James Blake - "Retrograde" (39 comments)

Not that I think this song suxx, but I was reminded of this about 15 seconds into his main vocal:

Mount Eerie – Clear Moon

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Good sounds! But I can’t wait for these cats to get all kraut-rock.

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Definitely rehashing Plato, but pretty true nonetheless!

 -13Posted on Oct 1st, 2012 | re: Grizzly Bear Are Not Rich (179 comments)

Success in the art of making money has never truly had anything to do with skill at making music. A musician as a musician is excellent and satisfied when she or he creates music. The problem only arises when considering the ‘musician’ as a consumer, merchant, banker or any other such role. These other facets of the individual require excellence and skill in their own regard and cannot be sustainably glazed over.

If musicians are not making enough money from society then they are actually compelled to better fit themselves into society – perhaps by developing as a business-person or as an investor of some kind (or any such role by the excellence of which would produce the kind of affluence and security that some musicians/artists so woefully lack). Either that or hire/collaborate with better financial minds than their own to compensate and flourish (coincidentally, thereby encouraging a more complex and rewarding society).

With or without evidence of ‘complaint’ no one should expect the world to in any way rearrange itself to fit with rigid or terminological personal expectations – such as that of a musician hoping that their wares and trail of hard-work weigh more in gold than in already present credibility and acknowledgment. Society develops at it’s own speed and evidently cannot as yet even agree to effectively cooperate on issues much more empathy-demanding than that of ‘our starving artists;’ such as ensuring human-rights, stopping war, protecting our environment, or tending to the problems of illiteracy, grinding poverty, the massive population of imprisoned adults, etc.

If a person wants to engage with and benefit from the present condition of the socio-economic system (which is to say to put their children through college, own a house and live with all the modern comfort of urban convenience) they are going to have to contribute more to the global effort than another piece of pressed wax every two years. Good art is excellent and worthwhile for the spirit and mind, but you can’t eat it, protect yourself with it or build a house with it and you evidently can’t create much of tradable surplus with it.

Anyway, I think I might buy the vinyl edition of Veckatimest during my next vinyl haul (I picked up 22 albums during my last trip to the Vancouver! Can you guess how I came to know and love those albums above the clamour of sound-schlock pumped out by the ‘music/art industry?’) – good for me!