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How the fuck did Eric Church get on here when Protomartyr exists?

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Everclear, Spacehog, AND Eve 6 all on the same stage?! Glory days are back again!

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Haha. “Hollywood Undead.” AS IF, PHIL. AS IF.

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Why doesn’t anybody like DJ Koze’s album as much as I do?

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46 year old Kurt Cobain looks an awful lot like he should be on Country Music Television

hahaha, i laughed too hard at that headline

They played the main stage in ’07 and a bunch of shit got broken, specifically a big pane of glass. They were brought back a year later for Chemistry of Common Life on the terms that they played in the bathroom, and they totally trashed that too. At least that’s the story I heard.

Also, it’s on YouTube!

Hahahaha, I would love to read you and Damian dork out over Drake.

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6:02 – “PLAY SOME U2!”