Everclear, Spacehog, AND Eve 6 all on the same stage?! Glory days are back again!

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Haha. “Hollywood Undead.” AS IF, PHIL. AS IF.

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Why doesn’t anybody like DJ Koze’s album as much as I do?

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46 year old Kurt Cobain looks an awful lot like he should be on Country Music Television

hahaha, i laughed too hard at that headline

They played the main stage in ’07 and a bunch of shit got broken, specifically a big pane of glass. They were brought back a year later for Chemistry of Common Life on the terms that they played in the bathroom, and they totally trashed that too. At least that’s the story I heard.

Also, it’s on YouTube!

Hahahaha, I would love to read you and Damian dork out over Drake.

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6:02 – “PLAY SOME U2!”

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I don’t see why people are/were so vehemently against this band. As far as their promotional tactic goes (anti-promo as promo), I don’t really see what separates it from, say, Daft Punk’s promo tactic (big money marketing disguised as back-to-basics marketing) or, perhaps more accurately, Savages’ promo tactic. Furthermore, WU LYF had an ideology behind them, which is something you don’t really see that much anymore. Na├»ve, pretentious, and hype-serving as their ideas supposedly were, they were still ideas.

ANYWAY, outside of all the drama surrounding it, this is an ambitious, unique, and youthful album by an ambitious, youthful, and unique band. And that’s something I can get on board with any day.