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jenny death when?

Gotta give it to The Orwells, pretty amazing shit

It would be super cool if you added “vía MexicoIndie” you know? Since well…it’s my picture and I tweeted about it

Thanks Stereogum

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I guess Wayne Static shouldn’t have gotten aboard that trip to Wisconsin.

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So am I the only one seeing the obvious rip-off of Holy Diver by Dio?

 0Posted on Nov 8th, 2013 | re: Watch Nine Inch Nails Make Their Network TV Debut On Kimmel (5 comments)

Actually NOT their debut…Here’s an example of how they’ve already played on TV before

 +3Posted on Jan 10th, 2013 | re: Destiny's Child Reunite For New Single (18 comments)

Here’s the tracklist for ‘Love Songs’ by Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland, and the other one

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Are you an owl?

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There’s a mexican band called Castillos de Cristal… about creativity

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Violent Youth is bloody good