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 0Posted on Oct 18th | re: Bono Explains Why He's Always Wearing Sunglasses (24 comments)

He always said he “has sensitive eyes,” which doesn’t communicate anything and makes him sound like a weirdo. That’s a big leap from “sensitive eyes” to glaucoma.

 -1Posted on Oct 14th | re: Ex Hex - "Waterfall" Video (6 comments)

I’m really happy to hear her having fun making music again. I feel like there were some years prior to Wild Flag where she wasn’t enjoying playing/creating music nearly as much. For the last few years, it’s like something has been reignited in her. Whether or not anyone finds anything profound in Ex Hex’s lyrics, I think the melodies and playing in Ex Hex are top notch, and there’s a special energy to this project (both live and on record) that, with the exception of Wild Flag, I haven’t heard since her days in Helium. I checked out a bunch of great newer musicians at SXSW, but Ex Hex were the only band I chose to see three times.

 0Posted on Oct 14th | re: Watch Foo Fighters Talk About Sonic Highways In New Teaser (2 comments)

So are the people downvoting me just completely unaware of NIRVANA’s (Dave’s previous band, for those of you failed Rock 101) hostile relationship with GnR, or are they just too dumb to see how being chummy with Axl would be totally hypocritical given that history?

I wouldn’t call myself a Madonna fan and don’t own any of her albums, but I liked everything I heard off of Ray of Light, especially the title track. I’m not sure I’d trust someone to write songs for me if s/he didn’t like that song.

 +1Posted on Oct 12th | re: David Crosby Says Neil Young Is Very Angry With Him (4 comments)

David doesn’t have any more info on the matter than what you see above. Besides, he only bothered to type this stuff to give Stereogum fodder for a sensational weekend headline. Everybody feels bad for Stereogum these days.

 -2Posted on Oct 12th | re: Watch Foo Fighters Talk About Sonic Highways In New Teaser (2 comments)

Guns N’ Roses? Really, Dave?

“This music is meant to alienate all the right people.”
Judging by Tom’s opinion of Tyranny, I would say, “Mission accomplished, Julian.” Let it be known that on this day poptimism finally rotted whatever was left of Tom’s brain.

 0Posted on Oct 9th | re: Stream Julian Casablancas + The Voidz Tyranny (29 comments)

It certainly makes me think of mbv because of its adventurous approach to what is essentially rock music. That’s why people get excited about Kevin Shields’s songs, and it’s why this album is exciting. Julian Casablancas has become one of those artists who is willing to toss out the rulebook.

 0Posted on Oct 9th | re: Band To Watch: Ballet School (5 comments)

I think that song is great because the bassline was lifted from an Interpol song and the middle eight was lifted from a Yeah Yeah Yeahs song by a professional songwriter with no connection to Kelly Clarkson or either of those bands. Do I think we should praise that kind of a copy-and-paste job? NO.

You have trouble telling when people are joking, don’t you? Kozelek’s behavior is DELIBERATELY over-the-top, okay? The Kanye comparison makes no sense for that very reason. Kozelek is a self-aware individual playing up one genuine moment of annoyance for long-term laughs. In essence, he’s making fun of his own reputation as a curmudgeon.