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They definitely did and have talked about it in interviews.

There are a lot of artists as great or better than Kanye West who aren’t egomaniacs. Some of them are famous, and some of them aren’t. No amount of talent gives a person a pass to act however s/he wants. To answer your question. I think Kanye West would probably act more or less how he does now no matter what because he seems to have a personality disorder and no interest in altering his behavior in any way.

Well, I don’t know about that guy, but it always makes me cringe to see egomaniacs get the attention they crave. Why wouldn’t I (or any decent person) have the same reaction to Kanye and the sick symbiotic relationship between him and the press?

 0Posted on Jun 17th | re: The 50 Best Albums Of 2014 So Far (253 comments)

The new Bleeding Rainbow album is very good and should definitely be on here, but the fact that Eagulls were left off is downright shameful. That is a flawless album. It reminds me a lot of Idlewild at their rocking peak, like their 100 Broken Windows-era stuff. Albums like that don’t come around often, and Stereogum hyped Eagulls plenty leading up to the release, so what gives?

 +2Posted on Jun 13th | re: Chubby Checker Demands Induction Into Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame (5 comments)

Did you know that Chubby tried to get the Hall’s attention by auditioning to sing with NIRVANA at their induction? His version of Aneurysm was awful.

 +4Posted on Jun 13th | re: Watch Paramore Play Good Morning America's Summer Concert Series (18 comments)

I think you might really enjoy the piece the Daily Show just did where Jason Jones makes fun of Google Glass users.

 +6Posted on Jun 13th | re: Watch Paramore Play Good Morning America's Summer Concert Series (18 comments)

The term “poptimism” was only coined by music writers to legitimize praising crappy popular bands so they could get more clicks and cash.

 +3Posted on Jun 7th | re: Purple Turns 20 (61 comments)

Ha, so now we are downvoting wholly positive comments about bands, too? Some people are just never happy.

 +2Posted on Jun 7th | re: Purple Turns 20 (61 comments)

I generally like this article, but Stone Temple Pilots existed (under a different name but nevertheless) and Plush existed before Pearl Jam even formed. Why is it so hard for journalists to do a little research after all this time? Weiland wasn’t aping anyone; that really was his original voice. It is a fact that chronic heroin use can make your voice higher, and that actually did happen to Scott Weiland. He eventually had to relearn how to sing, and he has talked about this multiple times.

It may have taken a while for the financial ball to actually get rolling, but there wasn’t that long between the song’s release and the point where Murry Wilson signed away all of Surfin’ USA’s royalties to Chuck Berry. In fact, Chuck Berry was getting all the royalties for 25 years before the Beach Boys ever heard about it.