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Rock bottom? He’s been there and done that. There was an extended period where he was generally clean. His last known major slip was in 2007 (alcohol and cocaine), but according to him, he has not done heroin (the drug that nearly killed him) since 2002. The last decade seems to have been relatively uneventful drug-wise compared to 1995-2002. I was actually shocked when I read about this most recent arrest.

Yeah, that band sucks.

No one is talking about Corrigan. Some people are talking about Corgan, though.

Yeah dude, I heard that James Rettig huffs po all the time. It’s even on his Wikipedia page.

 -3Posted on Aug 15th | re: Ryan Adams Spent $100k On Scrapped LP, Defends Lousy Oasis Album (36 comments)

Yep, classically overproduced, classically vacuous, and classically awful…

 -2Posted on Aug 13th | re: Ryan Adams Spent $100k On Scrapped LP, Defends Lousy Oasis Album (36 comments)

It makes sense that he would take bong hits before listening to Be Here Now because I heard that stuff is great for helping people cope with cancer.

 +16Posted on Aug 10th | re: Hell On Earth Discovered In Times Square Guitar Center (56 comments)

This sounds like something Pitchfork would score highly.

Just wait until it’s revealed that the tattoo had something to do with Insane Clown Posse. Beating someone up over a tattoo that was not “earned” is the same kind of stupid crap that a gang would do. If you walk through a gang’s territory while wearing their colors and you are not considered a member, you will be assaulted. Even if Insane Clown Posse themselves do not condone these or similar activities, the best we can say is that the duo known as Insane Clown Posse are not gang leaders. Juggalos, however, routinely act like thugs and move in packs. If it walks like a duck…

Wow, Beyonce is such a legend that music writers are already forgetting the names of her biggest hits…

Again, I would say that is one that doesn’t make sense, especially since he is known as the King of Soul. However, I would say that Beyonce is still the weirder choice. Basically, instead of inducting lesser-known acts who really are deserving of being honored for actual contributions to rock music, the Hall has chosen the route of honoring anyone who is not a rapper (oh, wait they’ve broken that rule, too) as long as they are popular. If they weren’t so afraid of becoming irrelevant, they could lead the way in giving some under-the-radar artists recognition and in keeping rock music in the public consciousness. I suppose it’s easier for a bunch of old men to be pop-culture sycophants than tastemakers, though. If they can’t be bothered to make any bold choices, then at least stop denying poor Chubby Checker. The Twist absolutely was early rock n roll.