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also: “It didn’t help that the truck he was driving was stolen.”

I can brush off the heroin and all – these people aren’t supposed to be role-models – but that seems like a pretty off-handed dismissal of something kind of important to story of the whole arrest.

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Great article. I remember loving Oshin when it came out, but for some reason or another I haven’t really spent any time with it since that first summer it was out. I actually saw DIIV twice, opening for Wild Nothing and Japandroids, but neither slot felt like it fit (too abrasive for the first and too left-field for the second) so I’m interested to hear how the new stuff has evolved.

I do wonder if Smith and Ferreira encourage some less likable aspects of each other’s personalities, but I also try not to give a shit about the people whose music I listen to as long as they aren’t really hateful or unpleasant.

If you really think this song really is an “absolute monster” and a “banger” then one of us is losing our minds.

Disregarding even the quality of the song (which I think sounds like a children’s rhyme on top of boring faux-funk) nothing about this “bangs” in the least

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this is unreal. who besides guys with creepy Asian girl fetishes could possibly enjoy listening to what sounds like a child who just inhaled helium babble like that?

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so yeah, I think they are well aware of that

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Whereas the band typically spend weeks agonising over every note, Left Hand Free was written “in about 20 minutes”. Needless to say, the US label loved it.

Thom: “I tried to make the drums as cliched as possible, there’s none of my personality in it.”

Gus: “I’m doing some kind of organ solo. I don’t know where ‘baby’ came from.”

Joe: “And I say, ‘Gee whizz,’ which I’m not sure is a phrase I’ve ever uttered before. I can imagine it appealing to American truckers with Good Riddance To Bin Laden stickers!”

“Oh God…” says Gus, a worrying realisation dawning. “Someone’s going to walk onstage to it at an NRA convention.”

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holy shit, that Becky G song cannot be serious, can it? the video is barely a step above Rebecca Black in amateurishness and the music is so forgettable that I can’t even remember any of it while it’s actually playing.

also I hope to god Break Free signals the beginning of poptimism’s breaking point – that is the lamest fucking bottom of the barrel generic edm “beat” in the world and as fun and great as pop can be I really hope the non-mainstream music press (that includes you, Stereogum) stops giving her press she doesn’t need or deserve

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End of a Century!

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It’ll be just about as popular as the Ouya too

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Um. you need to listen to Haunted again, because that line is definitely on there