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End of a Century!

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It’ll be just about as popular as the Ouya too

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Um. you need to listen to Haunted again, because that line is definitely on there

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Okay tune but those were some piss-poor lyrics

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erm, not really. favorite album lists are personal, and Stereogum isn’t a person – this list is a collaborative effort which allows people to accept their own genre biases, critique their colleague’s lists, then come out with something approaching a “best of” article. a favorite albums list would not have the genre inclusiveness of a more collaborative, “objective” approach.

I’m perfectly willing to accept that Noah and the Whale’s “First Days of Spring”, which is my favorite album ever, would not be represented on many best album lists (and lots of things that might, like OK Computer, I don’t particularly enjoy).

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I think some critics are suffering from the same Laura Marling fatigue that I am – I’m sure the new album is great, but after seeing her a couple times and listening to the first 3 records pretty frequently I just have no desire at all to check out the new one until I get some sign that it’s doing something (anything) new.

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where again did I say I didn’t like it? I think “Shock to Your System”, “Closer”, and quite a few other songs on the album are great. My argument is not that it’s a bad album at all, but that it doesn’t do anything particularly interesting and won’t be remembered as one of 2013′s best works by anyone but poptimists who define staying power by things like “hooks per minute” and possible singles (which is fine, but seems a dreadfully narrow way of measuring music to me).

basically, it would fit more comfortably on a “favorite albums” list than a “best albums” one.

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Oh I also think the new Everything Everything was excellent and deserves to be on every end of the year list but it doesn’t seem to have gained much traction (especially in the American music press) so I’m hardly surprised not to see it

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No idea what makes Sky Ferreira’s perfectly pleasant but not particularly musically remarkable album one of the top ten of the year, but I’m much more confused about Heartthrob breaking into the top 20 – it’s an okay pop album but it’s also easily Tegan and Sara’s most disposable and no one will remember it a couple years from now. If you really wanted pop representation, Lorde would have been a much more interesting choice.

Big misses imo include These New Puritans and Foals (who didn’t get nearly enough love for Holy Fire)

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I’d say it’s more of a Return of the King of an album – good as is but cutting it down a little would make the good parts so much better and eliminate some of the self-indulgence.

Also, I agree – NEEDS MORE REGINE.