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I think a lot of the problems I have with the record feel fixed by the 2nd half of it. The beginning didn’t feel like a real rock band working together, but the 2nd half had the guitar I missed so dearly from a song like “Careful You”. I feel like this record is a grower and the next TVOTR record will probably be something that reconciles the poppiness/electronic sounds of this album with a live band feel of their previous record.

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I was excited for CHz for sure, saw them play the new songs live and listened to the live stream. I liked things about it, but I felt the production didn’t help some of the songs and a few of the tracks really just don’t have a ton of substance there. It’s got GREAT moments (New Town Burnout, Applesauce, Today’s Supernatural), but AnCo fans have incredibly high standards since they’ve been on such a run.

Unlike most beefs, this one actually makes me very sad.

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Yes it is Annie Clark

My leather black jeans on

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1. Achtung Baby
2. War
3. Joshua
4. Unforgettable Fire
5. All that You Can’t Leave Behind
6. Boy
7. October
8. Rattle and Hum
9. No Line
10. Bomb
11. Zooropa
12. Pop

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Wow that song is really good.

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Some of my favorites:
Pedestrian Verse- Frightened Rabbit
Random Access Memories
Modern Vampires of the City
Monomania- Deerhunter

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“but everyone calls me Giorgio”
Chills everytime

Ok so this may be a silly question, but is there actually anything illegal about hosting house shows?