Love this band, love this guy, hate stage divers.

That DOOM track is dopey dope.

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I totally dig the tunes these dudes write.

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1. 77
2. Speaking in Tongues
3. Remain in Light
4. Fear of Music
5. More Songs
6. Naked
7. Little Creatures
8. True Stories

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I honestly can’t believe people are so interested and think they know what happened in someone else’s personal life. The fact is, these guys write some really great, catchy, pop tunes. Can’t it be left at that? There are many far worse music industry folks in the past 50 years than Pitts. Yeah, hitting your girl is a terrible, terrible thing that warrants police action and aftershock from personal relationships, but does something that was most likely a huge mistake warrant everyone on the planet the right to hate this guy they don’t know AND his band? No, i don’t think so. That’s pretty stupid.

People make mistakes, especially fucking rockstars. Give the dude a break.

And SG, why you guys be hatin’. the world’s not all about beef. lol, “beef.”


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Haters gonna hate.

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It doesn’t matter the order, I just love that supervillian.

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Good article man.

It’s easy to sell albums when they are at your local record shop, your local guitar center, AND your local papa johns pizza. what the fuck taylor swift? do you really want you music sold with a fucking pizza?

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Didn’t the alternative community die in the 90′s or something.
I think I heard that on NPR or something somewhere…