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 +8Posted on Oct 14th | re: Ariel Pink Dissed By Grimes, Dismissed By Madonna (201 comments)

I’d be pretty surprised if Grimes is referring exclusively to the Madonna comments (which taken on their own certainly aren’t misogynistic. We all know though what Ariel Pink has been saying, and it seems their are some people with first hand experience of his behaviour. That seems the biggest thing here to me, that he seems to have actually been going round being a misogynistic dick in his everyday life and hasn’t just been trolling.

But then there’s a difference between flinging yourself around a bit and dropping yourself directly on top of people who have no say in the matter.

And Joyce Manor deserve more love.

 +4Posted on Jun 5th | re: Interpol Announce New Album El Pintor (28 comments)

The snippets of the songs in the video were promising. Sounds like the bass is very prominent in the mix too, which is always good for Interpol, although it remains to be seen whether it will still be the same without Carlos D.

 +1Posted on May 2nd | re: The Week In Pop: Leave Lily Allen Alone (57 comments)

Mark “Drunk in Love” down as another track I just don’t get. It sounds like a bad remix.

 +1Posted on May 2nd | re: The Week In Pop: Leave Lily Allen Alone (57 comments)

Definitely agree with you’re last point there michael_. Whenever anyone asks how I can listen to tracks where the artist has had very little input beyond singing, I just point out that it’s the real talent behind the scenes that I’m supporting and appreciating.

 +8Posted on May 2nd | re: Sung Tongs Turns 10 (20 comments)

I love this album so much. It feels like they are trying to fit so many ideas into those 53 minutes that they are splintering and folding back on themselves. If any album demonstrates the fine line between genius and insanity it’s this one.

 -1Posted on May 2nd | re: The Week In Pop: Leave Lily Allen Alone (57 comments)

I totally get what you’re saying, but it’s not really relevant to the song IMO. I think any discerning music fan who appreciates pop knows about the people who are really responsible for the songs behind the scenes, but it doesn’t depreciate from the song. In five years time we may all have forgotten about Iggy Azealia, and Ariana Grande may be a boring pop footnote, but “Problem” will still fucking rule (as may the latest track Max Martin will have come up with).

 +2Posted on May 1st | re: The Week In Pop: Leave Lily Allen Alone (57 comments)

I’ve never understood the appeal of Lily Allen. She’s not terrible by any means, but I’ve never personally seen a reason for her to be deserving of so much analysis and occasional acclaim. I’m with you on “Happy” too; it’s pleasant and catchy, but I don’t get how it’s become so huge.

 0Posted on May 1st | re: The Week In Pop: Leave Lily Allen Alone (57 comments)

It deserves to be huge, I’ve had it on repeat for about the last 24 hours straight, it’s a “Teenage Dream” level jam. Unlike “Thrift Shop” or “Talk Dirty” it’s sax loop isn’t the only thing it’s got going for it, far from it, but it makes just as much of an impact as in those two tracks.

Some people seem far more interested in their own masturbatory anger and self-righteousness, casting themselves as brave moral crusaders, than actually engaging with controversial subjects and genuinely trying to educate people. In my opinion some people also need to realise that not everything/one that has ever been accused of racism/sexism/homophobia/transphobia/whatever is necessarily whatever it has been accused of, and people who disagree with them are not all racist etc.