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 0Posted on Dec 19th | re: The 50 Best Metal Albums Of 2014 (77 comments)

Not 100% metal but Lantlos – Melting Sun was awesome. A really good blend of shoegaze and metal.

 0Posted on Dec 16th | re: Stereogum's 70 Favorite Songs Of 2014 (181 comments)

Really glad there’s some love for Warehouse, that LP was badass. Gets a reissue next year which is great and all but damn that album was killer.

Top songs for me :

1. Spoon – Let Me Be Mine
2. Viet Cong – Continental Shelf
3. Swans – Oxygen
4. Speedy Ortiz – American Horror
5. The Antlers – Hotel
6. Cloud Nothings – I’m Not Part of Me
7. Ex Hex – Hot & Cold
8. Perfect Pussy – Interference Fits
9. Real Estate – Crime
10. Woods – Moving to the Left

 +2Posted on Dec 2nd | re: The 50 Best Albums Of 2014 (528 comments)

My gf actually liked Swans more than anything else I listened to this year. She despised Cloud Nothings, but loves TBK and has even put on The Seer from time to time.

 0Posted on Dec 2nd | re: The 50 Best Albums Of 2014 (528 comments)

Yeah I was dumbfounded at that. Especially since they were listed at no. 3 for their mid year list. Was hoping it would leapfrog those two schmucks.

 +6Posted on Nov 11th | re: TV On The Radio Seeds Comment Party (82 comments)

I didn’t really care for it. It started out decent enough, but just didn’t hold my attention very much. I still like Dear Science the most.

 +2Posted on Nov 5th | re: Album Of The Week: Les Sins Michael (27 comments)

Yes indeed. I’m enjoying the new Deerhoof. Always liked them, and they maintain the same view of their music throughout.

Hopefully this feuding will impact the year end list so that Swans can be #1.

 +9Posted on Oct 21st | re: Album Of The Week: Jessie Ware Tough Love (42 comments)

I think a lot of people are skipping The Best Day simply because of Thurston Moore’s controversial behavior as of late. You should really give it a listen, it’s fantastic. It’s basically a better bookend to Sonic Youth than the Eternal was.

 +2Posted on Oct 10th | re: Album Of The Week: Tinashe Aquarius (97 comments)

I probably won’t listen to this. It’s not my type of music at all. I’m surprised how much disdain is being thrown towards the new Iceage by Stereogum. It’s not a country album. Still punk, just sounds like Nick Cave doing punk. I love it. That Ex Hex album would be my runner up.

 +2Posted on Oct 9th | re: Band To Watch: Meatbodies (2 comments)

Yeah this was a great album.