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This band's great, and their album is one of my favorites from this year. Wish they'd tour the US.
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August 22, 2016 on Ulrika Spacek – “Everything: All The Time”
As always, recommending great music. thanks for this. Had never heard of them.
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August 15, 2016 on Fake Palms – “Collar Bone”
They've been really consistent for the last few years. I don't know if this will be there best but so far all of the singles have been great. Really anticipating this album.
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August 15, 2016 on Cymbals Eat Guitars – “Have A Heart”
This is friggin great.
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August 11, 2016 on Stream Horseback Dead Ringers
The photos for the tour poster were taken from a studio. I'd expect new music soon. Which is a very good thing.
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August 10, 2016 on Japandroids Announce Fall Tour Dates
It's between DDKW and Shut Up Kiss Me for me.
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August 4, 2016 on Vote For The Song Of The Summer 2016
I'm all about that Wild Beasts album this week. Plus Preoccupations and Angel Olsen leaked so that'll keep me busy.
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August 2, 2016 on Album Of The Week: Dinosaur Jr. Give A Glimpse Of What Yer Not
It's probably b/c there's only one original member left and their subsequent 2000's albums have gotten progressively worse.
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July 13, 2016 on Beach Goth 2016 Lineup
Great track. Totally forgot about this guy. Loved his last album.
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July 13, 2016 on Gonjasufi – “Maniac Depressant”
If you haven't checked out Omni's "Deluxe" you'd do yourself a favor to get on that. Definitely my AOTW. It's so damn good.
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July 6, 2016 on Album Of The Week: Shura Nothing’s Real
This is so friggin good. Dare I say, next weeks AOTW for me.
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July 1, 2016 on Stream Omni Deluxe
Ya know, I listened to everything today for the first time and the only one that really stuck out to me was the new Deerhoof. It's really damn good.
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June 24, 2016 on Album Of The Week: Lisa Prank Adult Teen
All about Preoccupations this week.
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June 17, 2016 on The 5 Best Songs Of The Week
I'd also like to note that To Be Kind was my #1 of 2014, and the Seer is still a modern masterpiece to me. I just feel its more of the same thing, which is just okay, but not necessarily that great.
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June 14, 2016 on Album Of The Week: Mitski Puberty 2
Agreed. It's overly self-indulgent to me. When I saw it clocking in at 2 hours, and the first two tracks were like 10+ minutes each of nothing but mantra/chanting crap, I was fearful. Unnecessarily excessive.
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June 14, 2016 on Album Of The Week: Mitski Puberty 2
Despite P4K shitting on it b/c of the Koz track, the Minor Victories LP is stellar. Also, Mourn. Pretty stacked week again, imo.
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May 31, 2016 on Album Of The Week: Tegan And Sara Love You To Death
No Big Thief? What about Attic Abasement? Those are the two I'm most looking forward to.
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May 24, 2016 on Album Of The Week: PUP The Dream Is Over
Very happy to see this getting the AOTW. Fantastic album, and a fantastic review for it too, speaking precisely to the things that I enjoy about it. If you've struggled to get into his previous work, I think you may need to dig a bit deeper into it and see his progression. Twin Fantasy, How to Leave Town, and Nervous Young Man are all fabulous. Drunk Drivers is my SOTY so far too. Love this whole album.
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May 17, 2016 on Album Of The Week: Car Seat Headrest Teens Of Denial
I think it's their best actually, precisely for the reasons listed here.
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April 15, 2016 on Evil Empire Turns 20
I know that its often stated that PE is a higher honor than AOTW, but I do recall a certain PE for a Modest Mouse record last year that in no way encouraged it to be that great of a record (which it isn't). In any case, new Woods is better than new M83.
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April 8, 2016 on Roots Rock: How Woods Became An Indie Institution By Staying DIY
Good choice, PC's done some really solid stuff for the last few years. This won't beat Sunbathing Animal or Content Nausea for me though. This week it's Deftones and Woods for me. Both are top notch albums by consistent artists. I'm still eager to listen to the new Ben Watt album, and I don't know what to think about M83. I haven't enjoyed any of the singles thus far, but I love Saturdays=Youth a lot. So we'll see. Looks like a few under the radar releases to check out: Polonium Peach Summer Flake and there's a new Future of the Left album? Didn't even realize they were still together.
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April 5, 2016 on Album Of The Week: Parquet Courts Human Performance
Agreed. Miss the Loaf still though.
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March 29, 2016 on Album Of The Week: Black Mountain IV
Totally agreed. I've always loved Black Mountain. They've got 4 extremely solid LPs over the last 10 years and each one is chocked full of rock creaminess. Favorite track is Cemetery Breeding. It's a great week for releases. Weezer's White Album, I gotta say, I can't believe its 2016 and I'm digging a Weezer radio single like "Thank God for Girls," but here we are. Not to mention solid albums from Frankie Cosmos Tancred Operators Tacocat Autolux and a slew of gems just waiting to be uncovered. Stereogum, you're my hero. Marry me.
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March 29, 2016 on Album Of The Week: Black Mountain IV
Car Seat Headrest.
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March 25, 2016 on The 5 Best Songs Of The Week
I look forward to the AOTW not usually for the actual AOTW but your list of albums that also come out. It's way better than going to P4K for some soggy review of an album they listened to once. I've found a good amount of worthwhile albums just from your weekly lists - like Ulrika Spacek and Soft Fangs (from last week). So, thank you for this. It's really helpful!
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March 22, 2016 on Album Of The Week: Cobalt Slow Forever
PPD is definitely a surprise. Enjoyed it so far. This week wasn't really stellar for releases pertaining to my taste, but that Gun Outfit EP is excellent. I'll need to check out Underworld.
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March 15, 2016 on Album Of The Week: Iggy Pop Post Pop Depression
I've only given the album a once through so far, but outside of Ultra Light Beam, nothing really grabbed me like it has on his previous albums. I agree though, I think people really want to love it, but in due time it'll just be seen as a solid album, not the masterpiece it's being touted as presently.
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February 26, 2016 on Life After Pablo: Where Does Tidal Go From Here?
Ridiculously consistent. Haven't made a bad album yet, but my personal favorite is With Light and With Love.
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February 23, 2016 on Woods – “Can’t See At All”