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Anything in Beach House’s realm is A OK with me. Your comment made me listen; loved it!

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OK, I think we can be honest; he does look gay. I’m gay. First saw him; knew he was gay.

But what’s most important to note is that his debut album was a huge letdown after the exciting energy of “Safe With Me,” his greatest song by a mile. That and “Latch” showed promise for Sam as a pop star with a very cool sound. Instead, he pumped out adult contemporary radio sap.

Maybe he’ll switch it up with a sophomore album that has energy and cool music.

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Ahhh, listening to it now…for about the 20th time or so. Dang, it’s so nice to have some Women-ly music again. They were great. Also, their drummer is stupid hot.

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Vulnicura sounds like a cyborg opera recorded in future outer space. Björk is in queen of the cosmos mode here. Not exactly an easy listen the first go around; electronically dense, lots of strings, and challenging vocals.

Glad to have her back :)

Word. I think Age of Adz is his most adventurous and exciting album, but I’d love to hear his voice cooing over something relaxed, too.

Happy chills!!!

This album is so awesome.

Also, the last two minutes of Acid Wash could seriously be a hymn for outer space church.

Album is reallllllly wonderful. First great album of 2015! So poppy and then dreamy and always pleasing. And for me, it’s the first Panda Bear album I’ve been able to get lost in. (Maybe blasphemous…oops.)

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the outro