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Those are the two weakest tracks! It’s exciting when you realize :)

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Let’s not compare Sucker to Black Messiah. Both are different, and both are GREAT!

Or, maybe we should make a mashup called Black Messiah Sucker.

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Who likes this?
Hearing 50 seconds of it had me running back to D’Angelo.

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I was kinda surprised that these performances lacked punch. I saw her in NYC, and she was all over the place. I think she might have been exhausted (big show the night before).

No matter, Sucker is so great. Solid pop album. Hope she blows up and moves on from the weaker singles of Break the Rules and Boom Clap. If Doing It gets the moment it deserves, then radio will be so fun this year.

Well, I’m excited. And I like how transparent she is with her creative process even though I really want new music asap :)

Yeah. I don’t think she has anything to say anymore. Just negative vibes in her tunes.

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Doggone it, I love this. I even like “Break the Rules” after initially assessing that one as a slight cause for concern.

What I love about Charli XCX is that she makes albums. Sucker definitely is a bid for mainstream stardom, but I don’t think she sacrificed too much to get there. This still feels punkier than anything playing on the radio. And there’s a cool 80s vibe to some of it (like Joan Jett-y, Bananaram-y).

“Doing it” bangs :) :) And “Need Ur Luv” hits a totally euphoric spot for me…(getting Cults vibe from that…it’s strange and cool.

Where did her charisma go? Those songs were joyless and flat. She lost her presence.

Nah, your first thought is totally fair. I remember buying Yoshimi on CD and Borders and flying to my cousin’s wedding in Colorado. I had this perfect listen to it in a foreign bedroom; alone, snow everywhere outside, some deer about. I don’t think I’ll ever get something like that from Coyne again :/

But I still got it.