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Thanks you. I agree. This is epic and melodramatic.

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I’ve listened to this on a loop for a while now, and I’m just thinking…this is HUGE. Yes, it’s practically campy because it’s so over “the top,” but it’s so triumphant that I don’t care.

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So Lana Del Rey released a handful of spot-on singles with the aid of the viral hit, “Video Games” (even though “Blue Jeans” is her best). Those songs hit my pleasure zones; they were campy, catchy, sillily sexual. Then, she put out a debut, and it was pretty good (more of an innocent pleasure than anything else). However, the strings seemed a little too canned and the songs a little too flimsy. Next came an EP (or LP?) that was just kinda not that great, and I didn’t listen to it much.

Gotta say though…I think this new song might be a strong bid to earn and maintain relevance. The production is much more interesting than I expected it to be (especially after her biggest commercial success was/is a dance remix…so happy she didn’t fall in that trap).

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I kind of agree. Fingers are crossed still though. “Safe With Me” was pretty much my favorite song of last year.

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It’s neat that this was written because just a couple of days ago I re-listened to Newsom’s entire catalogue. Exquisite.

In regards to your question about Ys. I am in awe of Ys. I don’t think it’s just a great musical achievement; I think it’s one of the great literary achievements of the past while. Newsom’s wordplay is out of this world, and her vocabulary is unrivaled. Definitely not for everyone, but I find so much joy in the way she gets across ideas and/or tells stories (I mean, Monkey and Bear is an epic story).

Overall though, it’s the ambitious scope of the whole affair. Five songs, packed with ideas that transition countless times. It’s exhausting and worth it. I’m not good at writing about music, and I’m about to take a nap (otherwise, I’d try to make this better).

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This song is beautiful.

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This song is beautiful.

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Y’all, this is stunning.

Don’t overthink it.

Don’t ever speak for Agent Cooper again. That man is a saint.

That man=Agent Cooper

If you really were Agent Cooper, you’d know.