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I appreciate this video, but I find the song to a bit joyless and kind of stupid, and I’m a fan.

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This song is…AMAZING. Are you kidding? This is a great dance/pop/rap track. It’s huge! And a what a video. And I know she’s questionable as a person, but hey, she’s making the good stuff happen after all.

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This is not the Stereogum it once was :/

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I thought his name was Win.

Should add the word Don’t to this headline and then unpost it.

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I hope everyone really heard this album. Its one of the best of the year; top of the tops.

And that shot of her all made up. Get it, Angel O.

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I feel bad for you.

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Oops, you accidentally used a picture of Amanda Bynes for the article.

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hey mods, just delete my comments. don’t want to be a part of this scene.