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No more passing by $400 copies of one of my favorite albums!

 +2Posted on Aug 28th | re: Dawnbringer - "One-Eyed Sister" (Stereogum Premiere) (1 comments)

Can’t wait to obsessively spin this all winter, just like Sun God.

 +1Posted on Aug 28th | re: AC/DC Albums From Worst To Best (40 comments)

Seriously, that rhythm guitar, blasting out one chord over and over, during the first solo on Let There Be Rock, is one of the most fantastic pieces of minimalism in music. All you need is an A pounding your skull into the concrete, over and over and over.

 0Posted on Aug 27th | re: AC/DC Albums From Worst To Best (40 comments)

Let There Be Rock should be number one. I wouldn’t argue Powerage at two, but Let There Be Rock’s lesser songs are as good as Powerage’s lesser songs and there is very little in rock as good as Whole Lotta Rosie and the title track, Let There Be Rock. The rhythm guitar tracks on those songs are the basis for Shellac’s entire damn career.

 +1Posted on Aug 19th | re: Album Of The Week: Pallbearer Foundations Of Burden (22 comments)

Thanks, I had no idea that there was a new one coming!

 +1Posted on Aug 19th | re: Album Of The Week: Pallbearer Foundations Of Burden (22 comments)

I didn’t find them boring in the least bit when I caught them. Maybe not as energetic as Enslaved or as intense as Royal Thunder (the other two acts who played with them) but I was sufficiently crushed.

Except if you’ve attended an ATP festival, you’d know that they are about as far from a bad one as they come. They have, in recent years, shown themselves to be inept at keeping things on the tracks, but the three festivals in the Catskills and the one in Asbury Park remain four of the best, most consistently engaging and worthwhile events I’ve ever attended. With their camp-style weekends they perfected the art of the independent festival, and it would be a real shame to see people with such great skills disappear from the scene because they are terrible at money management.

What about that scorching live version I saw Handsome Furs play? What pithy award does it receive?

 +5Posted on Aug 5th | re: Album Of The Week: Kix Rock Your Face Off (121 comments)

Also, David Kilgour and the Heavy Eights release their new one today. That one should be of note, as it’s quite good.