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Fucking for real. I’m personally BLOWN AWAY that nobody has called out Kozelek for not only being such an asshole…but for using sexually violent, homophobic hates peech in so doing.

I’ve listened to RHP and SKM for years, but fuck this guy. He’s got some serious problems.

And these are problems that go WELL beyond some Kanye West-ian kind of assholery. This guy’s using straight-up sexual violence and hate speech.

Ah, very good Grimes. Exactly the right time and place to stand up for your beliefs. Is she in high school, or what?

 +6Posted on Feb 13th, 2013 | re: Deconstructing: Chris Brown, Surfer Blood, And Villainizing Entertainers (114 comments)

Excellent, thoughtful piece on a very relevant question. Nicely done.