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the indie sites have turned into pop sites and what we have left is a lot of garbage floating around the web. the first wave of big music blogs have long-since crested and it’s time for some new online voices and places to discover actual underground music. until then, thank god for local music scenes.

Stop mansplaining the holidays to me, Mark. Christmastime is no time for the language of abuse.

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pretty sure janet weiss said wild flag was over already

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Hey look, this is actually about music. I was one more Ariel Pink/War on Drugs/Grimes/Madonna/ Mark Kozelek/Perfect Pussy gossip story away from never visiting this site again, and then you totally redeem yourselves with something worth reading.

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Please Please Me

the tape resurgence is driven by local DIY music scenes – cheap and easy to make and they fit in your pocket at a show.

I just want to meet the person who listens to both Tame Impala and Pablo Ruiz.

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day made

man, feuds are boring

I mean, to be fair, Chvrches, Haim and Vampire Weekend is fucking Disney music.