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Please Please Me

the tape resurgence is driven by local DIY music scenes – cheap and easy to make and they fit in your pocket at a show.

I just want to meet the person who listens to both Tame Impala and Pablo Ruiz.

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day made

man, feuds are boring

I mean, to be fair, Chvrches, Haim and Vampire Weekend is fucking Disney music.

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Pretty sure it’d be impossible not have a label pulling the strings when yr first single is associated with Michael Angelakos, Benny Blanco and Cashmere Cat.

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fuck yeah this rules

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Seriously enough of these celebrity crowd-funding projects. Only suckers give money to a multimillionaire with the industry connections (both Hollywood or indie) that could make this happen with traditional financing.

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agreed. he’s talented but he’s made some of my least favorite albums by some of my previously favorite artists … Beck, James Mercer, etc.