Best Musical Decade: 1986 - 1995 Hi! I'm Tom. I live in Denver, CO and love early 90s guitar-based music, whether indie, post-hardcore, math rock, OSDM, thrash, shoegaze, or alt country. I used to be in a handbell choir. GVB4ME.

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Prior to this post, I'd never heard of this band. Now all I wanna do is hear this band. What keen and unique melodic sensibilities!
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August 24, 2016 on Crying – “Wool In The Wash”
I wonder if this was a purposeful reference with the title from its inception, or if this was a way of trying to put some ex post facto lipstick on the chauvinistic pig of a reference we all suspected the "amnesty" reference to be...?
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August 18, 2016 on Crystal Castles – “Sadist”
[Kool-Aid Man Voice]: Ohhhhh, YEAHHHHHH! Primo stuff. These guys should be on tour with Mind Spiders and White Reaper YESTERDAY.
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August 18, 2016 on Death By Unga Bunga – “Fight!”
Saturday, Amir, is Shabbos, the Jewish day of rest. That means that you don't work, you don't drive a car, you don't fucking ride in a car, you don't handle money, you don't turn on the oven, and you sure as shit *don't fucking absorb*! Shomer shabbos!
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August 17, 2016 on Pixies – “Talent”
Madchester indeed! These guys did their homework: Petrified Botany 301
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August 16, 2016 on Dinowalrus – “Tides”
This band's name should be on the lips of every non-mainstream music fan in the damn land. They're everything I've ever wanted in a rock band. We'll look back fondly on the gifts they've given us.
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August 15, 2016 on Cymbals Eat Guitars – “Have A Heart”
Ryan Adams only packed one shirt on this tour.
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August 9, 2016 on Watch Ryan Adams & Jason Isbell Join Each Other’s Sets At Outside Lands
This sounds like Kevin Barnes fronting LP1-era Crystal Castles. Which is to say, 100% amazing. This was the tipping point for me. Ordered the record.
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August 3, 2016 on of Montreal – “Let’s Relate”
Sounds like a somnambulant Phoenix.
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July 29, 2016 on Obliques – “Cut Me Loose (Ill Feeling)”
:: I think you are the person who *seems* to have the closest match to my musical taste on SG based on the bands you comment on, or mention in comments. Hails. \m/
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July 29, 2016 on Microwave – “Lighterless”
The Onion had it right:
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July 28, 2016 on Marilyn Manson Tour Is A Mess
Those fuckin' Jellys. So brilliant.
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July 26, 2016 on Rapper Shoots Himself In The Face For Publicity
If you dig them, you should definitely check out Wild Moth. They're in the same camp and, IMO, rock a little harder. Press release stated something to the effect of "Drive Like Jehu x MBV = Wild Moth". IDK if I 100% agree, but it's close, and they're great.
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July 26, 2016 on Creative Adult – “Moving Window”
I thought of another over the weekend. Which is really disproving my point. Hell's Headbangers really struggles to put out anything less-than-stellar. BUT... I think that's the troika: DD, 20BS, and HH.
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July 25, 2016 on Blood Incantation – “Chaoplasm”
"I have always loved Krill, and this is a welcome reminder as to why." -A Blue Whale, and me
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July 25, 2016 on Stream Krill Krill
:: I think the dude was saying that the sound he was hearing was sound bleed from Frightened Rabbit, who were also playing the festival (and, seemingly, with an overlapping set time). What I didn't know was that Geezer Butler played in their band. Cool stuff by Ryan Adams. Loved the whole set.
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July 24, 2016 on Hear Ryan Adams’ Bluegrass Covers Of Slayer & Black Sabbath, Improvised “Frightened And Rabid” At Newport Folk Fest
I have an answer to my own question. The only label I can think of coming close would be 20 Buck Spin. I know for a long while there I was all about pretty much everything they put out (especially Vastum, who I know many find boring). I don't think they're on the pace that Dark Descent is on right now, though. Also, the new Sheidim record looks to be killer (DD).
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July 21, 2016 on Blood Incantation – “Chaoplasm”
I think you mean, "No, awesomely, I know the lead singer and his name is actually Drakula, which, as stated, is fucking awesome."
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July 21, 2016 on ScotDrakula – “Disintegrator”
:: Scheiße! I did NOT need to buy another record this week.
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July 14, 2016 on Stream The Amazing Ambulance
Still sounds rad. Love the production, love the beats. Because of the amount of vocal processing on all of Alice's vocals, and again with Edith's, it has always been more about Ethan's sonic vision to my ears. As many would be quick to point out: True, the aesthetic is heavily indebted to Alice (who was amazing when I got to see her perform very up close and personal:, and, also, oh-but-don't-forget-Ethan-is-an-asshole... okay. I agree. I also love a lot of really amazing black metal made by really shitty people. If the MUSIC really sucks (which doesn't seem to be the case), or if Ethan does something CRIMINAL (which also doesn't seem to be the case), maybe I'll reconsider, but I guess my extensive time spent enjoying metal while Christian has allowed me to very thoroughly separate art from the artist and to view the product as such as a stand alone statement to evaluate using my own criteria. I think the song was good. Not a highlight on Crystal Castles (I) or Crystal Castles (II), necessarily, but to me this is still Crystal Castles. ALSO: I'm amped for Alice's solo stuff, too. The division of the band is good for everyone! Twice the output of creepy electro-witch-goth-house-kvlt-rave-whathaveyou! You may now commence down-voting.
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July 11, 2016 on Crystal Castles – “Char”
That's a sweet truck. Song's pretty a'ight, too.
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July 7, 2016 on Hanni El Khatib – “Come Down”
There are certain times where only music like this will do. God bless Tycho.
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July 1, 2016 on Tycho – “Division”
Yep, super stoked for this. It kind of crept up on me given the dearth of exciting guitar music over the past two weeks or so. Perfect amalgamation of so many bands I dig right now. The more I listen, this could just be like a less ominous Viet Cong record. Er, Preoccupations record. Both hitting the same spot, one in black-and-white, one in technicolor.
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July 1, 2016 on Stream Omni Deluxe
What the actual heck was in those bags!?! Please say it was just a bunch of those "raccoon tail toys" (fake tail attached to battery-powered ball that rolled around) that you could buy at Cracker Barrel. As for the band/music, I'm in the camp that thinks the way the breakup went down was definitely crappy for Alice, and that Ethan is probably not a saint, but I don't care because the art was great. Everything I've heard with Edith continues that trend, so, I'm in.
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June 30, 2016 on Crystal Castles Tease New Album Release In August
Can something be sick/twisted/filthy/disgusting, but also clean/precise/triumphant all at once? Yes. Yes it can. As a proud resident of Colorado, it is very cool to see Dark Descent Records completely destroy with nearly every single release. Horrendous, House of Atreus, Undergang, Crypt Sermon, Unaussprechlichen Kulten, Thantifaxath, Corpsessed... and those are just some of my personal faves. If they don't have the highest batting average (and slugging percentage) of any domestic metal label right now... wow. Who else is hitting this hard this often?
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June 29, 2016 on Blood Incantation – “Chaoplasm”
Ace! This is a fine song, and I would like to hear more, please-and-thank-you.
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June 27, 2016 on Adam Payne – “Tell Me” (Stereogum Premiere)
I can't be the only one hearing some Ghost in this, right? This sounds like a less cartoon-y, more spectral version of the classically hook-laden material our favorite Nameless Ghouls are writing. It's even a much more palatable version of Tobias' -- er, Papa's -- vocals. I should clarify, none of this is meant as a knock. Quite the opposite. It's like a deliciously salty Ghost cracker, but without the spray cheese.
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June 23, 2016 on Hammers Of Misfortune – “Sea Of Heroes” (Stereogum Premiere)
100% yes. Sweet, sweet scuzzy/fuzziness. This stuff is like chicken fingers. I'm never going to say no, and will always love more, please and thank you.
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June 23, 2016 on Happy Diving – “Holy Ground” (Stereogum Premiere)