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@s.a. – I think that’s a bit short sighted and even narrow minded. The “bro- drunk dude” type of thing goes back further. Pantera for example and before that a number of Thrash Metal bands tapped into that as well (and Hardcore Punk too).

As for politics, this is where I think things sometimes get dangerous these days. Personally I wouldn’t want to be part of a musical scene that only welcomed certain types of political views and philosophies. That’s not really freedom of expression. I think we’d all do well to not try to pull Metal (or anything else) into the “culture war”. I like the fact that even though I might vehemently disagree with someone politically we can still be friendly when it comes to music. Music should be a bridge between different people and not a rallying call to your very specific ideological tribe.

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@bogota rocks – I’d say there’s three genres that are debated as to how much they truly fit in with metal. All three brought in some rather foreign influences and in general pushed Metal into bigger mainstream recognition. A lot of metalheads have some degree of resentment for these genres (or genre mixes because they feel it took attention away from what they thought metal had been or even other exciting changes to the scene), even though they might like some bands that would fall under them but perhaps the scene in general turned them off. In short these are/were Glam Metal, Grunge and Nu-Metal.

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Well I guess it’s Amelie Bruun (or maybe not), but beyond that there’s a few things in this video that struck me as this not being quite what it seems. The end of the video credits a publicity company and people from NYC. Also that shot of here in the wooded hills, that looks far more Appalachian than anything in Denmark.

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Thank you J. Smith for letting the cat out of the bag.

For myself I’ve liked the music, but this gimmick does seem like a lame attempt at creating authenticity. I personally would of preferred if they were straight forward about where they were coming from.

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@Schafer – Regarding Alan Averill you said “Unfortunately I understand that some of his politics are a bit questionable as well.” Could you elaborate? I wasn’t aware he’d said anything controversial.

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Which is a very annoying trend. Like all Metal, Punk/Hardcore and Alternative Rock is being put into a blender. All the while the musicians of these new ‘modern’ bands get upset at even calling themselves Metal, like it’s a denigration of their music to somehow be called that.

As for Black Metal, I think it goes like this. You’ve got a culture that very much falls under the realm of Romanticism (google if you can’t remember from your lit. courses in high school). Then it’s now being reapropriated by a scene that’s clearly Post-Modern in their world view. To then be puzzled as to why Romantics are upset their work is getting turned into something Post-Modern is, well, disappointing.

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Regarding Ninkharsag, they most certainly don’t sound anything like Bathory or Emperor. What they do sound like is a very derivative Taake. I really don’t see anyone could like that band unless you’ve never heard of Taake (or a number of other bands) before.

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I do get the idea. I just think that title gives a false notion when something else could be associated.

As for Necrophobic, can’t say I have any kind words about that band. Always struck me as part of the horde in the 90′s riding the tails of Dissection in that melodic Death/Black mix. Also they were boring as hell at MDF 2010. Just look up the youtube videos.

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The only Black Metal band that I can think of that’s played an actual arena is Dimmu Borgir. Maybe Hi-Fi Black Metal would be a better term.

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Maybe it would help if today’s indie rock-folk hipster Coachella background music doesn’t suck like all hell.