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Did anybody else get the sense that by saying things like Hayes should be “sent to re-education camp” that this blogger asshat is also backhandedly ridiculing feminists while simultaneously pretending to give a shit about what he thought was sexist language?

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It’s been Sgt. Peppers, Abbey Road, and the White Album at various times in my life. Right now I’m going with Revolver.

What is this, an EDM show???? It’s about the experience and doesn’t matter that she’s hardly playing music??? No! It’s fucking rock and roll and it is about the music! She needs to get her shit together and practice for 20 fucking minutes before she goes on stage. I have no idea why people are defending this shit. And her voice may sound “better than you expected” but given the life she’s lead, we were all expecting her to sound like Diane Rehm so that really isn’t a compliment. (No disrespect to Ms. Rehm. Woman knows how to conduct an interview.)

I haven’t listened to everything else on the list but, LP1 is just too good. Can they just give it to her and call it a day?

I don’t think double negatives are not confusing.

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She’s in one of the more “successful” “indie” bands and probably makes enough to cover her mortgage payments from that. Best Coast is only 2 people so they’re splitting the band’s share of the money between fewer people than most bands. She probably got the down payment money from the Bushmill’s endorsements I’ve seen to the left and right on this site a ton of times. She’s doing Sonos now too I guess, I think I’ve seen her do stuff for Urban Outfitters…

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I left Kanye about 2/3 or the way through to go see Arctic Monkeys and was a bit disappointed. I’ve never been a huge Arctic Monkeys fan though. My gf wanted to see them.

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What were those people doing even reading the review in the first place??? How did they find their way here of all places?

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There’s definitely a dose of schlock to it but I wouldn’t call it a bad song. Overrated, sure. But if it hadn’t been so ubiquitous it could have been a good minor hit.

I was at this show! If you listen close you can hear me shout “FRANKLIN’S!” right after they announce that they’re gonna play a cover. They had kinda teased it in between songs earlier. Thanks for posting this!