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I think the headline is a bit unfair. Sure, it’s factually correct. But in context, he’s just reacting in annoyance to over the top death threats based on a joke. Diplo definitely comes off as kind of a dick but it’s not like he really thinks that Swifts millions of fans are literally “the worst people in the world.”

Holy shit Phil Lesh is 74!?!?!?! I’d have guessed 10-15 years younger

Definitely their best studio album. Does the best job of capturing the tone and feel of their live show while keeping the songs succinct and tight. Also the outro to Billy Breathes is one of the most beautiful guitar solos ever recorded.

I would bet that there are a lot of Stereogum readers who went through a “jam band phase” in their younger years but have moved on to different tastes as they’ve grown older. Jam bands helped me to discover that there’s more to music than just sounding fun and catchy and that music can move your mind as well as your feet and heart.

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I’ve always thought of WYWH as more of a David Gilmour-y album than a Waters-y album. The Wall seems like the platonic ideal of a Waters album, where musicality (sorta, but not really) takes a back seat to concept. WYWH seems more Gilmour in that it’s more about his bluesy licks and guitar playing and (Shine on….), and concept kinda sorta but not really takes a back seat. Maybe then that means Dark Side is the perfect amalgam of the two.

That song is CRIMINALLY under-appreciated. Everyone talks about Chicago and Casimir Pulaski and John Wayne Gacy but Predatory Wasp of the Pallisades is the deep-cut that is easily his best song. It’s easy to see why I guess. My first few times listening to Illinois the former tracks stuck out more. But after several listens Pallisades becomes the standout. That song still slays me every single time to this day. So sad. So beautiful. So interesting both lyrically and musically. When he gets to that “I can’t explain… The state that I’m in…” part I get chills. Incredible.

But March 31st might as well be forever from now!!!

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I think none. That was the whole point of experimenting with this as a distribution model.

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St. Vincent

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I was just gonna say this. Wouldn’t it be awesome if black artists just didn’t show up? It would probably be painted as complaining and being ungrateful or some bullshit but I would love it if the grammys were forced to rethink their nomination process.

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That wouldn’t be a bad list and all of those bands have enough hooks and traditional song structures to have relatively mass appeal as well. I can’t understand why bands like this don’t get more attention. Is it just because they don’t play the media game?