St. Vincent

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I was just gonna say this. Wouldn’t it be awesome if black artists just didn’t show up? It would probably be painted as complaining and being ungrateful or some bullshit but I would love it if the grammys were forced to rethink their nomination process.

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That wouldn’t be a bad list and all of those bands have enough hooks and traditional song structures to have relatively mass appeal as well. I can’t understand why bands like this don’t get more attention. Is it just because they don’t play the media game?

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If that were true then it could just be that way. I don’t see how any serious music fan could make the argument that these nominations make any sense, though.

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Listening to The Skin of my Yellow Country Teeth for the first time in what seems like forever. Still such a jam! That record really was symbolic of a new era and had a huge impact on my tastes and music consuming habits in general. Its 10 year anniversary is coming up in just a few months, can’t wait to read the retrospectives on that one.

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The album wasn’t released until some time after the TV special aired and I remember my sister and I videotaping it and then holding a boombox up to the speaker on my TV and forcing everyone else in the house to be absolutely silent so we could have a copy on cassette. I wonder if my sister still has a copy of that tape somewhere. The sound quality was really surprisingly good. I’m not sure if it’s my favorite Nirvana album, but it’s definitely the one I’ve listened to most.

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In these dom/sub scenarios there is always a “safe word”, especially with a professional dom. If he wasn’t enjoying or didn’t want anything to happen I’m sure he could have stopped it immediately.

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That bass is going to absolutely slay when he does this live.

Pono seems like a great idea but did they have to make it that annoying triangle shape that’s gonna bulge out of my pocket like I have a prism shaped chub going at all times?

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I started reading this and was like “Wait a minute! I was there and it wasn’t like that at all!” Then I realized it was a joke. Well played.

I was actually a bit surprised that he didn’t say anything to the audience about being loud and whatnot. Since Hardly Strictly is a free show, almost no one pays attention to the music. You go to sit in the park and socialize while some musicians play off in the distance. If you’re expecting more than that you’re going to be disappointed. I guess Koz must have resigned himself to that before even coming on stage because there were definitely more people talking than there were paying attention and he never said a word about it.