Gah! Of course tickets to that show are sold out now.

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1. It’s just as deserving as that Alicia Keys track IMO. 2. I think the only track on there that was actually written by the performer credited is the Alicia Keys one. 3. Mariah and Whitney are absolutely deserving of a nod here but she couldn’t really include EVERY great female vocalist. Why not also toss in Beyonce, Billie Holiday, Nina Simone, Ella Fitzgerald, Janis Joplin, Donna Summer…

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Prince actually wrote that track if it makes you feel any better. And I think he made the right choice giving it to her. He couldn’t have sold the vocal as earnestly as she does.

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So far Brain in a Bottle sounds like a happy medium between the two.

Yeah, dude. Phil and I used to play ultimate on fridays in the Arb.

UNDERGROUND SOUNDS! That dude is awesome. I used to live in Ann Arbor and bought pretty much all my vinyl there.

Full disclosure though: my g/f works for Urban Outfitters and I think they actually get more flack than they deserve. She actually started at that store on State in Ann Arbor. Sure, I’d rather support the dude at Underground Sounds or buy from a merch table, and that’s usually what I do. The kids buying vinyl at Urban probably wouldn’t have bought any of it in the first place if they hadn’t walked by the display with copies of LDR right next to a stack of record frames so I don’t really see the harm here.

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Yeah, I like this but I hope the whole album doesn’t sound like this.

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Did anybody else get the sense that by saying things like Hayes should be “sent to re-education camp” that this blogger asshat is also backhandedly ridiculing feminists while simultaneously pretending to give a shit about what he thought was sexist language?

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It’s been Sgt. Peppers, Abbey Road, and the White Album at various times in my life. Right now I’m going with Revolver.

What is this, an EDM show???? It’s about the experience and doesn’t matter that she’s hardly playing music??? No! It’s fucking rock and roll and it is about the music! She needs to get her shit together and practice for 20 fucking minutes before she goes on stage. I have no idea why people are defending this shit. And her voice may sound “better than you expected” but given the life she’s lead, we were all expecting her to sound like Diane Rehm so that really isn’t a compliment. (No disrespect to Ms. Rehm. Woman knows how to conduct an interview.)