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The best set of last night was easily Refused. Can’t wait for next week!

 +1Posted on Feb 3rd, 2012 | re: Sasquatch! 2012 Lineup (31 comments)

I’ve been saying I wanted to go to Sasquatch for years, but this lineup is not drawing me in. I guess nothing will ever beat the 2009 lineup that I wanted to go to. Meh.

 0Posted on Jan 13th, 2012 | re: Coachella 2012 Lineup (183 comments)

And now I’m on the Coachella Standby Page! Oh the anticipation.

 0Posted on Dec 23rd, 2011 | re: Win A $200 JAMBOX Wireless Speaker (242 comments)

St. Vincent – Strange Mercy

 -4Posted on Sep 29th, 2011 | re: Korn Go Dubstep, Finally (32 comments)

Agreed, but suburban white-trash is an oxymoron.

 +6Posted on Jul 20th, 2011 | re: Kanye West & Jay-Z - "Otis" (56 comments)

Not really feeling this track.

 -1Posted on Jul 9th, 2011 | re: Youth Lagoon - "Montana" (3 comments)

Representing Boise Idaho!

 +2Posted on Mar 24th, 2011 | re: 18 Dark Bands To Watch In 2011 (69 comments)

Where’s Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All?

 0Posted on Feb 17th, 2011 | re: Tyler, The Creator - "Yonkers" Video (15 comments)

I dig this track, but it weirds me out every time I listen to it.

 -1Posted on Feb 15th, 2011 | re: Bonnaroo Lineup 2011 (24 comments)

This Bonnaroo is trash compared to last years. To make things even worse Sasquatch sold out today.