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gotta second all Aaron’s recommendations as well. Alan Averill is one of the most interesting and convincing vocalists in the entire genre. It helps that frequently his lyrics are quite poetic. Unfortunately I understand that some of his politics are a bit questionable as well, but I don’t really hear them show up in his music.

If you like Dawnbringer, the man behind that band, Chris Black, has another project, High Spirits, also covered here, that’s incredible.

And along those lines there’s absolutely a lot of merit in looking into a Sanf Fransisco band called The Hammers of Misfortune. their output is a bit spotty, but every album has at least one incredible song on it, and their sophomore album, The August Engine is… I mean it’s spectacular. To me it’s classic Iron Maiden meets early Queen with a gutter punk sensibility. It’s folkloric, dramatic, progressive and just in-general perfect. It’s a desert island album for me. Here’s a popular song from that record

Likewise, this is barely metal, but two years ago Relapse released an album by a band called Royal Thunder, and I think that band is spectacular, swaggery, bluesy, and amazing clean vocals. Like DOWN but fronted by Tina Turner. This song’s great:

There’s lots of great metal with clean singing out there, and the trend is GROWING. It just needs to be exposed a little more.

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Blochead, I left you a comment below with some recommendations.

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If you want just amazing cleans from a great band, There is an Irish band called Darkest Era who released an album called Severance this month. It’s really incredible. Here’s a lyric video for the opening song. For what It’s worth, it’s my least favorite track on the record.

A lot of people loved the Atlantean Kodex album from last year, and that record was all sung as well. I like Darkest Era better.

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It was only a matter of time before that showed up.

The best thing about that graph is the caveat that Aes would actually be SIGNIFICANTLY FURTHER OFF IF IT WERE DRAWN TO SCALE.

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I personally always liked the Black Monolith 3-track demo better than anything Deafheaven ever did. As far as a blackened take on hardcore, it was almost up there with Catharsis. Psyched to hear this.

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WOW. Absolutely abysmal.

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Wow. Far more fun than I had anticipated

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I bought my first The Smiths album because I loved the theme song to Charmed. I think that’s a mark in its favor! lol.

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You know, you could re-order those seven albums in almost any order and I could live with it. The man has an ear for quality, and really understands how to sculpt an album. As for The Cold Vein, I really put it so low because it seemed like ‘the least El-P album’ of the bunch. Mordul and Vast just overpower his personality on it.

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Love it. Calvi’s a real talent. It’s a shame the US media hasn’t picked her up more.