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Dig A Pony

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i don’t have a favorite album, because honestly i dont think ive ever sat down and listened to one in full. not because i dislike them, just because they obviously have been ubiquitous forever, and we all know numerous songs whether we want to or not. so with me, that has resulted in just never having the desire to listen to them of my own accord. this contest could sure change that though.

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Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey

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geek usa

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white pony duh

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there was a short while in 1991 when my dad had two color TVs side by side in our living room. at the time this pissed me off as i still had a tiny black and white in my room, but the upside to this is he kept one muted on MTV almost all the time, and whenever something he really dug came on, he would put it on both TVs and blast them. this is how i first experienced the teen spirit video, and it really had an impact on my 10 year old mind. started playing guitar not long after that, and nirvana songs were the first i learned.

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Muhammad My Friend

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hah, pretty easy to see who here arent actually metallica fans and just want a free guitar :)

my favorite song: “disposable heroes”, perfect start to the unfuckwithable side 2 of master of puppets, with cliff burton (R.I.P.) wailing away as if he was the lead guitarist (honestly took me a good 20 years to realize the part in question was a bass guitar!)