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That was actually my first thought. It’s too clean, but also sounds like a shaky record.

“Whether you love it, hate it, or simply don’t know what to make of it, Tyranny represents a fascinating new chapter for one of the most talented songwriters of his generation.”

It’s between love and hate, for me.

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I’m on your side. All personalities/labels/etc etc aside, I’m still spinning Attack on Memory at least once a week, but I this album hasn’t hooked me for the last 2 weeks it’s been with me.

The songs don’t hit me as hard as AoM, and the turns from fast to slow feel a bit tactless. While I can’t get through AoM without hitting repeat for at least 2 songs, I’ve been taking breaks on this one, hoping my previous bias wouldn’t get to me. It hasn’t worked.

Then again, it took me like a year to realize how great AoM was, so maybe that’ll happen here too.

P.S. Is my “AoM” abbreviation annoying anybody?

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This chemical does not exist. That is all.

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Gotta agree with Ben on this one. I was just trying to hang out on the grass at Sasquatch last year, and Imagine Dragons had the main stage for ONE AND A HALF HOURS after Azealia Banks unsurprisingly cancelled.

I was also really impressed with how good their live sound was. They had all the big drums and a lot of good guitar work that you don’t hear on the record. Afterwards, I gave the record a chance, and I was really disappointed. Maybe they’ll bloom into a fantastic jam band, but my money’s on them going the way of shit generic “rock” pop.

Sarcasm is so hard via the internet.

You mean “message”, not “massage”.

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That sir, is no xylophone. That is a gamelan.

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…unless you were going for a pun, in which case, fantastico.

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“the complete package is finally HERE for us to stream” – Homophones are fun!