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winner. shut it down.

yeah, that wasn’t his point.

i’ve been dragged to the EDM area at Lolla on multiple occasions and i’d venture a guess that a significant portion of the kids there who are on something don’t know and sure as shit don’t give a rat’s ass who’s up on stage (EDM headliners notwithstanding) hitting play on their ipod, so as long as it’s EDM.

I agree with petty.

valid counterpoint!! besides, would JPJ be down? i’d rather see him on another Them Crooked Vultures record

 0Posted on Jul 30th | re: Real Estate - "Had To Hear" Video (4 comments)

they always have great single artwork…actually the albums too.

gotta go with Plant on this. Bonham’s dead. Plant’s voice has changed with age. Let it go, man. Don’t end up doing what the Pixies did.

yeah this headline is just plain old sensationalism from words taken out of context. nicely done ‘gum!

 +2Posted on Jul 29th | re: Virgin Mobile Freefest Not Returning This Year (1 comments)

major bummer but at least they’re making good on the spirit of the event with the donation.

also, as a snobby DC person, i cringed at the “Baltimore’s MPP” as it’s equidistant from both towns but operated by IMP which is out of DC and also runs the 9:30 Club, U Street Music Hall, Lincoln Theatre and maybe one other?

Great, now he has another way to kill lots of birds