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nailed it

full house>>>>>>>>>courtney love

spot on. but yeah, the guy [Homme] and QOTSA are so talented that they can find ways to make 4 notes and often times just 1 or 2 notes kick so much ass. See: Feel Good Hit of the Summer, Sick Sick Sick, Medication, etc.

 +1Posted on Apr 16th | re: Watch Josh Homme Play A "Disappointing Gay" On Portlandia (3 comments)

hahaha that was great, they actually make a pretty solid pairing. we need to see more of Josh Homme in comedic roles, “Mabes”.

 +1Posted on Apr 11th | re: The 5 Best Videos Of The Week (5 comments)

yeah Queens!

 0Posted on Apr 10th | re: Watch Real Estate Play Letterman (3 comments)

these are quietly one of the best live acts around. their sound and performance is always great; such a well-rehearsed band.

also, i was oddly happy for them to be on Letterman – like, ‘you guys did it!’

 +6Posted on Apr 3rd | re: Seattle Kings Of Leon Fans May Have Been Exposed To Measles (9 comments)

sex on fire: behind the music

 +1Posted on Apr 3rd | re: Hamilton Leithauser - "11 O'Clock Friday Night" Video (5 comments)

yep, really frickin’ good!

 0Posted on Apr 2nd | re: The 10 Best Joy Division Songs (63 comments)

Atrocity Exhibition is maybe the scariest song I’ve ever heard

 0Posted on Apr 2nd | re: The 10 Best Joy Division Songs (63 comments)

upvotes you right the eff back.

such simple and extremely effective dynamic build to launch into the verse and out the fucking window.

when stephen morris first hits that ride and man the sound of that ride! it almost sounds double-tracked with a split-second delay between the two tracks.

also, check out LCD Soundsystem’s killer cover of this tune.