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It’s dope shit.

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Perhaps it would be more helpful to celebrate the idea that a festival that promotes alternative music/movies/television can reach such popularity. And if you are truly ideologically opposed to corporate sponsorship, there are plenty of places to play that aren’t sponsored by corporations. Sure, you won’t have as much exposure or money, but you won’t also have to worry about slogans and people that are wearing suits, I guess.

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Karin’s explanation for this video wasn’t actually spoken by the video, so she had to say it. I don’t know why The Knife needed to go back to this theme when they perfected in one of my all-time favouirte videos “Pass This On.” When the men slowly break their boundaries of machismo, one has a better sense as to why they do it: the cross-dressing dancer, with her strange allure of almost female sensuality, allows them to do so in a way that isn’t immediately threatening. The humour that occurs in “Pass this On” is also more organic as the construction of gender is sympathetically revealed as absurd. The cuts and the flow of the video also fit the song better.

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That’s really nice. Great work, Chelsea Wolfe!

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Avalanche is a great pick. Try and focus on the lyrics. Pick the point where you lose track of them and are transferred to a memory with a powerful emotion. At that point, the song has you, and you’re lost.

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Sorry to see you go.