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 0Posted on Nov 21st | re: BeyoncĂ© - "Ring Off" & "7/11" (4 comments)

you’re not missing anything.

 +21Posted on Nov 19th | re: 26 Essential Songs From The NYC Rock Resurgence (117 comments)

27. Welcome To New York

 +3Posted on Nov 18th | re: 10 Cover Songs By Chvrches, Ranked (36 comments)

I mean i enjoy Chvrches, i like their music quite a bit, but i dont know if im so into them that i need a list documenting their cover material. Like if i never heard Chvrches cover any material in my entire life, Im pretty sure I would die an unchanged man.

 +2Posted on Nov 17th | re: Charli XCX - "Gold Coins" (2 comments)

this is amazing

sounds like 2015 will be the death of me from dancing 2 hard

 +4Posted on Nov 16th | re: Nicki Minaj - "Bed Of Lies" (Feat. Skylar Grey) (1 comments)

As a fan of Nicki i must say what a heaping pile of trash. Anaconda was fun and i honestly enjoy it. Only was ok. This is like some shitty Eminem redux. What happened to the promises she made with songs like “Lookin’ Ass”? I was pumped for whatever she was gonna do after that. This song proves all she wants is radio spins and she aint even willing to try even a little bit to get them. My excitement for her new album just went down like 5 notches after hearing this shit. I would rather be disemboweled with a steak knife than ever have to listen to this shitty excuse for a song ever again. ok goodnight.

 0Posted on Nov 12th | re: TV On The Radio Seeds Comment Party (82 comments)

if you dont like this cd you are drunnkkkkk. shit is awesome.

 -2Posted on Nov 7th | re: Taylor Swift Discusses Spotify Stance, Swiftamine Sketch (70 comments)

You clearly havent heard Style or Blank Space so bye

 0Posted on Nov 6th | re: Taylor Swift Discusses Spotify Stance, Swiftamine Sketch (70 comments)

I fucking love Taylor Swift OKAY THERE I SAID IT.

 +7Posted on Nov 2nd | re: Charli XCX - "Boom Clap" Video (Tokyo Version) (6 comments)

maybe its just my gayness but i never realized how big her breasts were. It also might just be more of my gayness but i really love her a lot. Saw her in Chicago a few weeks ago she was amazing etc. Sucker is going to send her into the fucking stratosphere. Famous needs to be her next single, right before the album is dropped.