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 0Posted on Apr 22nd | re: Lily Allen - "Sheezus" (3 comments)

Okay, THIS is why we pay attention to Lily Allen.

 0Posted on Apr 16th | re: Watch Solange Cover Kate Bush's "Cloudbusting" At Coachella (4 comments)

She sound great to me.

 0Posted on Apr 14th | re: Stream Kelis Food (1 comments)

Kelis has done it all, man. She’s helped usher in The Neptunes, and make their sound something that once had the entire music landscape in a choke hold, she’s done big Atlanta 808 trap music years before it was a “thing”, she’s done atmospheric electronic dance stuff, and now she’s on some retro, big band shit. She doesn’t get enough credit for being able to fearlessly pull all of this stuff off and not even appear to be trying.

 +1Posted on Apr 14th | re: Preview Röyksopp & Robyn's "Monument" From Do It Again EP (2 comments)

Oh my God. This is what I want the pallbearers at my funeral to march me away to.

 0Posted on Apr 13th | re: Live Through This Turns 20 (14 comments)

Fuck you.

 +9Posted on Apr 11th | re: Charli XCX - "Boom Clap" (3 comments)

God, if this upcoming album doesn’t propel her to the top of the planet, we’re all a useless bunch of creatures.

 +5Posted on Apr 11th | re: Live Through This Turns 20 (14 comments)

By the end of this thing you almost forget Courtney Love is still alive.

I let out a very hearty chuckle at that last line. It was “play the Doritos stage safely” that really did me in.