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 -2Posted on Dec 19th | re: Stream Miguel's New Surprise EP (15 comments)

It’s just you.

 0Posted on Dec 17th | re: Album Of The Week: Charli XCX Sucker (42 comments)

Well, call the police! Someone’s sophomore album sounds different than their first!

It’s almost laughable how horrendous these songs are, even as demos.

 +25Posted on Dec 15th | re: Premature Evaluation: D'Angelo And The Vanguard Black Messiah (75 comments)

There are 10 good songs on Yeezus, but I’ll assume that as an oversight.

 -2Posted on Dec 14th | re: Watch Charli XCX Play SNL (16 comments)

That was the point.

 +9Posted on Dec 9th | re: Stream Charli XCX Sucker (16 comments)

These songs are so much stronger when they’re together, holding each other up. I was a little nervous listening to them trickle out, as some of them seemed a little limp. But after listening to the record as a whole, her agenda is clear and executed with merciless precision. Charli XCX knows what she’s wants and she’s not stopping until she gets it.

My early assessment of her in relation to this album still stands; she HAS to rule the world.

 +17Posted on Nov 18th | re: Stream Ariel Pink pom pom (146 comments)

That’s its charm! To a certain point, I guess you do get it.

 +1Posted on Nov 17th | re: A$AP Ferg - "Doe-Active" (2 comments)

Adam Levine was a spokesperson for Pro Active. Pro Active… Doe-Active… bumps off your face…

Come on, Tom, keep up!

 0Posted on Nov 13th | re: Azealia Banks - "Chasing Time" Video (3 comments)

She looks incredible.

 -1Posted on Oct 20th | re: Preview Gwen Stefani's "Spark The Fire," Produced By Pharrell (5 comments)

She sounds a lot more like herself here than on that other drivel she released earlier.