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Nick Cave beat all the kids coming up from behind

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I wonder what Kip’s reaction was when the new arcade fire album came out – ‘how the f**k did another band write a song about eurydice, whatever, I’m not changing my song.’

why couldn’t it be gene? Its not like Kurt wasn’t a fan…

what a sad clip, why is everyone filming it with their damn phone. Put down the phone and enjoy the moment. Even izzy, slash and axl rose, they would call and tell you to put down your phone.

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was this produced by al jourgensen? 4 minutes in and this album sounds f*ckin awesome

well done @derek erdman.

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great clip, epic sweater. Where do I get that?

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why isn’t beck aging? did he get bitten by pharell?

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holy f*ck I’m old…. it seems like only yesterday I had my mom buy me a ‘loser.’ t-shirt from the local Kohls. Early Beck has held up incredibly well, his lo-fi acoustic and electronic experimentations literally laid the ground for the 1 million acts working today.

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the verses sound like the futures so bright I gotta wear shades