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I’m not as strong a fan of Spiritualized as the reviewer. I sometimes find the noise and experimentation self-indulgent, “noise for noise’s sake” rather than serving the music. But I certainly agree with the review on this album, especially the line “paralyzingly gorgeous.” Well put! My review is at

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Based on this review, I’ll have to check out the Roots’ album. I don’t usually listen to hip-hop – just not a genre I know much about or have time for given all my other musical interests – but this review makes it sound quite intriguing. As for the Black Keys, the reviewer’s “riff-delivery system” is right on. This album does nothing more than rock your socks off for 38 minutes – and that’s a good thing!

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I’ve got four in common with this list and I’m mostly unfamiliar with the remaining group, which means I’ve got some listening to do! There’s only so much time in the day! My “best of so far” is here: