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True, I’m just saying the influence of his bandmates changes his music. So when he handpicks the bandmates, his writing is more self-absorbed, but when he started the band with James, he was younger and more impressionable, possibly. Opinions…

Black Angel’s Death Song

I really like your analysis of the influence of Billy’s bandmates on Billy’s songwriting. I think this theory might be spot on. Even though Billy can and has been able to “play all the instruments” except the drums, his songwriting REALLY SUFFERS when it appears he is only in it to please himself. Knowing some of the band’s history, back in the early days of the Pumpkins I felt like Billy definitely respected James in a way that he WANTED James to like his songs! If you think this didn’t make Billy second guess some of his songwriting choices then I think you’re crazy…which is why i think all the “Billy IS the smashing pumpkins” nonsense is just flat out wrong.

Well, you can’t just pluck out certain stanzas. The entire song stands as a great piece of romantic poetry, IMO. After those lyrics you referred to:

Cause all things will surely have to end
the great loves will one day have to part
i know that I am meant for this world

and in my dreams as i was floating far above the clouds
some children laughed we’d fall for certain
for thinking that we’d last forever.

I don’t know about you but I really enjoy that particular style of poetry from the school of romanticism. To be fair, his current lyrical output does not match this. :)

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John Maus used to play keyboards with Ariel Pink circa 1999-2002, I believe they influenced each other quite a bit.

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Kind of a goofy song, but Mr. Tembo by Damon Albarn is about as happy as you can get! Just think of that baby elephant…

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edit: ignore comment!! I misunderstood the thread

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Kaputt was released in January 2011

Black Lips.

10 A.M. Automatic!