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There was a time not long ago when readers and commenters on this site didn’t care about shit like this.

Seriously. Fuck everyone who doesn’t realize that this site has become TMZ/buzzfeed/UpWorthy

I used to feel bad about leaving shitty comments on this site, because I know there are at least one or two people on the staff who think music journalism might actually matter.

I feel less and less bad as time goes on. This site is progressively getting worse, and fuck you if you don’t realize that.

 0Posted on Sep 10th | re: Nicki Minaj's The Pinkprint Out 11/24 (4 comments)

i mean who could forget this?

 +1Posted on Sep 10th | re: Nicki Minaj's The Pinkprint Out 11/24 (4 comments)

Glad she finally announced a release date. I was starting to forget who she is.

jk i kno who she is lol shes the one with the fun butt video

 -7Posted on Sep 10th | re: Isolated Mic Exposes Courtney Love's Earsplitting Guitar Playing (26 comments)

kourtney ckilled curt lol omg



lol i <3 TMZ

that's the site i'm on, rite?

 -2Posted on Sep 4th | re: Flight Of The Conchords Are Returning To HBO (10 comments)

“The Place You Go to Check Stereogum’s Facts”

- what A.V. Club’s slogan should be

 +3Posted on Sep 3rd | re: Watch Mac DeMarco Cover Angel Olsen's "Lights Out" (4 comments)

The fact that I never really know what to make of Mac DeMarco makes me not doubt the possibility that he is some kind of artist. He’s full of surprises. While I haven’t really heard anything of his that really moved me, I’m always siding with his fans over his haters.

Also, yeah, what Miles said– let’s not forget about Angel Olsen when we’re making our end-of-the-year lists. Hers is still the best in my book…

The Jon Daly one about Green Day is hilarious though.

If he can sing like other people so well, why is his regular singing voice so annoying?