wait, this girl has beef because less than 1% of pharrell’s video vaguely resembles 3% of her video? give me a break

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“You Are Your Mother’s Child” has actually been out for a bit now – he did a studio version for the film “Stuck In Love.”

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official merch line as precursor for tour?

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This album is infectious. That bass line in “Seasons” has been rattling in my brain for days.

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why am i not surprised that this happened in bridgeport

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Sounds to me like this is more of a store management issue than an actual RSD issue. From the same article:
“But Daly is a heavy buyer—last year, he claimed to have purchased more RSD vinyl than any shop on the East Coast—and as the Record Store Day list grows, he becomes more worried.”

Can you really credibly boast about buying more stock than anyone else and then wonder why you maybe have some left over?

You know, I saw the Coachella one and my initial thought was “OMG how dumb LOLZ” and thought the same thing when I started watching this one.

But then I wondered, would I do the same thing? If a camera were in my face at an event that’s supposed to be promoting the hottest rising acts, wouldn’t I maybe feel a little pressure to not admit that I didn’t know what the hell this person was talking about? I’m just legitimately curious about how I would react if some “newscaster” was was asking me so assuredly about a band that I’d think in my head I should have heard of. I’d like to think I’d do the thing that makes sense and say “Never heard of them.” But I’m not 100% sure.

ANYWAY thanks Jimmy Kimmel for that exercise in introspection.

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spoon me to the moon

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Each of these solo Walkmen tracks has left me thinking “there’s something missing here.” And it’s the rest of the Walkmen.

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My favorites that I’d have feigned outrage over had they been excluded (Hotel Yorba, Apple Blossom, Hello Operator, Black Math) are all here. Carry on!