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I really don’t think Hayes was purposely trying to bait some crazy right-wing blogger who may or may not have been watching at home at the time with his Girl Talk reference.

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Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

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or if their taste and judgment are just terrible

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“…Adele collaborator Adele, sleep-rock king Danger Mouse, and One Direction frontman/sought-after song doctor Ryan Tedder…”

pretty cool that adele is collaborating with herself and that One Direction swiped Tedder away from OneRepublic.

but yeah, awful album. got remotely excited at the announcement, hoping they’d turn things around from what they’ve been churning out on autopilot for a while now. maybe with the iPhone 7?

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I don’t know about you all, but my thought on hearing Sam Smith’s original was DEFINITELY “This great pop song by an rising star who’s open and proud about his sexuality really could use a touch of misogyny.”

Nothing beats the Pokemon theme dub

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(indie) song of the fall

And here’s Happy Jack White at the very same baseball game. (Seriously, take a bunch of still photographs of someone throwing a baseball pitch and they’re bound to look “sad” in at least one of them.)

Detroit Free Press: “Jack White turns frustration into triumph at Fox.” And: “By the time he broke out the Kay Hollowbody guitar for ‘Seven Nation Army,’ the 2¾-hour show certainly had found its purpose, and he had found peace with the evening.”

Was he frustrated at times with the crowd? Yeah. But to suggest he was annoyed to the point of vowing to never return like this headline does is a bit sensational, no?

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u r so rite