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 +1Posted on Sep 13th | re: Ready To Die Turns 20 (24 comments)

Untouchable album from start to finish, don’t know if I’ve ever recovered after hearing “Things Done Changed” for the first time. Only “criticism” I have is I don’t know if the battle between Biggie and Meth on “The What” is as lopsided as Tom seems to think. Meth’s rasp and the way he’s inhaling when he raps just sounds incredible on that one.

 +5Posted on Sep 13th | re: Kanye Halts Sydney Show Until Seated Fans Prove They're Disabled (62 comments)

From the body of the text I don’t see anything even remotely close to “harassment” and that headline is remarkably sensationalist in approach.

 +1Posted on Aug 22nd | re: Deafheaven - "From The Kettle Onto The Coil" (9 comments)

Are you counting ‘This Is Your Bloody Valentine’ and ‘Ecstasy’?

 +5Posted on Aug 21st | re: The 10 Best Arctic Monkeys Songs (67 comments)

Solid list up and down, though “Fluorescent Adolescent” will always be number 1.

Rock and pop are both incredibly nebulous terms. It’s how artists like Sam Cooke are able to get in.

Had I not seen or read the similarly silly CoS article, I probably would’ve guessed Bill Haley or Ike Turner or someone since it says “father.”

Why is the same conflation happening here that happened on CoS earlier when they wrote about this? They didn’t directly remove those ashes to make room for any outfit from Beyonce. Also it’s the only piece of Freed material that seems to be leaving the Hall, so it’s not like they’re erasing the memory of him.

 +2Posted on Aug 4th | re: Beyoncé - "Flawless (Remix Feat. Nicki Minaj)" (11 comments)

*Further proof that Nicki Minaj excels at rapping.

 0Posted on Jul 15th | re: Download Spinee's 64 Thousand Dollar Bombs Mix (1 comments)

I’ve been devouring everything that PC Music has had to offer lately, so I’m glad I get to feed my ravenous hunger some more.

 -3Posted on Jul 14th | re: Conor Oberst Rape Accuser Admits She Lied (73 comments)

They have a right to be angry, but saying what they would do in a situation that has absolutely nothing to do with them is asinine.